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Our research indicates most of the events that make the news including accidents, crime, disappearances, fires, recalls, malfunctions, structural failures, corruption, are created by controllers and  linked by synchronic pattern of media and information that news agencies as well as police forces either will not disclose or are unaware of. (Reference A Beautiful Mind)


Below is a list of true life examples synchronicity media and advertising synchronicity -  indicating an intentionally created event. 90% or more of what makes the news is created event  - reference Predestination



The Matrix Concord - Matrix Films

Walnut Country The Crossings

V for Vendetta


11.21.05 Brian Van Holt from Threshold was canceled after Brian's appearance on the Late Late Show the last episode of aired on 11.22.06.

04.15.06 Joan Of Arcadia - "All of creation shares a common thread" - Joan of Arcadia was canceled one episode after this episode aired.


N3 Perdict Control

Killer Commercials

Arianna Jimenez

Luis Jesus Jimenez


What's Behind Chaos


CSI M There's are no coincidences in crime


CSI M Everything connected




11.14.06 TES CSI M Rodriguez 3 Lbs Tucci Spears Hats Howse - Adam Rodrigues CSI Miami "Delco" is the first person that Korrekt has seen to mention a connection between TV programs and events that make the news.  Adam, thanks for your honesty!

Links 11.08.04 CSI 308 Crime Wave  > 12.26.04 Tsunami Sumatra Andaman Earthquake Indonesia  -  05.15.06 CSI M 424 Rampage  > 06.12.06 Judge Chuck Weller Shot By Sniper In Reno Nevada  - 04.23.07 CSI M 521 Just Murdered segment 1 "Were sinking" segment 3 Delco gets an appreciative kiss (is it truly a form of appreciation ?)

02.17.05 Control Cause An Effect


Artist:The Police

Album: Synchronicity  Every Breath You Take 


Sting Brand New Day

Sting Desert Rose

Artist:The Police

Album: Ghost in the machine 

07.06.05 National Guard Accused of Spying on Protestors

Case List



05.14.07 Unites States First Class Postage Stamps Increase 41 Cents





01.01.06 Michael Walker CHP Killed In Traffic Accident

01.02.06 Mine Explosion

01.02.06 Parents Leave Kids At Home While Partying In Las Vegas

01.07.05 Richard May East Palo Alto Police Officer Shot & Killed

01.10.05 Attempted Robbery and Attack Caught on Video

01.11.06 4 High Speed Chases In Oakland In One Day

01.13.06 Elderly Lady Robbed & Assaulted After Bingo Game

01.15.06 James Phiffer Missing Hiker Found Dead In the Marin Headlands

01.18.05 Fathers 4 Justice Plot to Kidnap Tony Blair's Son Leo Debunked

01.18.06 Kayla Reed Teen Missing From Livermore Found Dead

01.22.06 Sean O'Flaherty-Fahey Surfer Found Floating In The Bay Died

01.23.06 Student Brings Loaded Gun To Scholl Accidentally Injures Student

01.23.06 Recycling Truck Damages Freeway Sign Causing

01.27.06 ABC News Bob Woodruff Doug Vogt Injured In An Attack In Iraq

01.27.06 All My Children Set Explosion

01.29.06 Deputy Ivory Web Shoots Iraq Veteran Elio Carrion

01.30.06 Seattle Seahawks Van Crash's Into Hotel Gate

01.30.06 Jennifer Sanmarcos Goleta Postal Shooting

01.31.06 Coretta Scott King Died At The Age of 78

02.01.06 Eric Govan Fired From Warriors Over Accidental Email

02.03.06 Speeding Nissan 300ZX Crashes Into Health Clinic Injuring 13 People In Los Angeles

02.03.06 Egyptian Ferry Boat Carrying 1300 People Sank In The Red Sea

02.04.06 Betty Friedan Died At The Age Of 85

02.06.06 Don Sanchez Makes An Appearance On General Hospital

02.07.06 Hash Honey Oil Explosion San Ramon

02.07.06 Maverick's Surfing Competition

02.11.06 Peter Benchley Died At The Age Of 65

02.11.06 Vice President Dick Cheney Accidentally Shot Harry Whittington

02.12.06 Party Turns Deadly When several People Are Stabbed In Berkley

02.20.06 Deadly Hit & Run Accident Silver Avenue Bayshore Blvd San Francisco

02.20.06 Powerball Lotto Winners ConAgra Meat Packers Win $365 Million

02.24.06 Don Knotts Died At The Age Of 81

02.24.06 Dennis Weaver Died At The Age Of 81

02.25.06 Darren McGavin Died At The Age Of 83

03.02.06 Ashlyn Dyer Injured In A Pedestrian Accident Hit & Run Identified By iPod Serial Number

03.04.06 Tree Fell In Lafayette Park San Francisco

03.06.06 Kirby Puckett Died At The Age Of 45

03.07.06 Dana Reeve Died At The Age Of 45

03.07.06 Gordon Parks Died At The Age Of 93

03.07.06 Cheerleader Injured During Basketball Game

03.07.06 Victor Macias Killed By Newark Police While Holding Toy Gun

03.09.06 French Father Found Guilty Of Drugging Sons Tennis Opponents

03.09.06 The Gold Bracelet Film Depicting Post 911 Hate Crimes Against Indians

03.09.06 Dr. Moure Chief Of Neurosurgery At Oakland's Highland Hospital Forcibly Restrained

03.11.06 28 Car Pileup In  Marin  Near The Waldo Tunnel Kills To Women

03.14.06 FCC Wants To Fine CBS For Indecent Programming

03.15.06 Peer To Peer Child Porn Ring Busted

03.19.06 Body Found Burned In Greyhound Rock County Park Santa Cruz

03.20.06 Arrest Made In A Hit & Run Accident That Killed Benjamin Weaver

03.22.07 Steven Bochco Metacafe,com Creates Cafe Confidential Website For Video Sharing

03.24.06 Barry Bonds Sues Author Of Game Of Shadows

03.26.06 Indy Driver Dana Paul Killed While Racing In Florida

03.26.06 Deadly Shooting In El Grove Kills Former CBS Camera Man John Johnson

03.26.06 Sulfur Dioxide Leak At Martinez The Refinery

04.04.06 Kimberly Millen Found Dead In A Richmond Park One Week After She Was Reported Missing

04.04.06 Caltrans Worker Sean Merryman Killed In Accident

04.04.06 Harmony Court Murder Pittsburg At An Elderly Care Facility

04.05.06 Sophia Sciutto Creps Body Found In Golden Gate Park One Week After Reported Missing

04.09.06 Block Of Ice Fell From The Sky In Oakland's Bushrod Park

04.29.06 John Kenneth Galbraith Died At The Age Of 97

05.01.06 Immigrant Workers Demonstration

05.02.06 Kaiser Organ Transplant Investigation

05.02.06 American Eagle Commuter Jet Blew A Tire Landing & Ran Off The Runway

05.02.06 Continental Express Commuter Jet Blew A Tire During Take Off

05.02.06 Woman Attacked On The Iron Horse Trail Pleasant Hill

05.02.06 Stephanie Mathews From San Lorenzo Missing

05.02.06 Lindsay Cutshall & Jason Allen Murder Evidence Released

05.02.06 TGI Fridays Finger Found In Food

05.02.06 Mobile Phone Theft Wireless Runaround

05.03.06 Earl Woods Father Of Tiger Woods Died At The Age Of 74

05.03.06 Louis Kaiser Host Of Wallstreet Week Died At The Age Of 73

05.03.06 FEMA Called In To Clean Up Lake Folsom

05.03.06 Two German Held Hostage In Iraq Were Released After 99 Days

05.04.06 Terrelll Rollins Shot & Killed At Auto Body Shop In San Francisco

05.04.06 Attack & Robbery At Hot Shot Printing In San Carlos

05.04.06 Water Main Break San Francisco Woolsey Street

05.05.06 Porter Goss Resigns From Director Of CIA

05.06.06 Wisconsin Store Anniversary 3000 Pound Block Of Cheese

05.08.06 Robert Lee Shot & Killed At Auto Body Shop San Francisco

05.09.06 Redwood City Woman Dies From Fire Injuries

05.09.06 House Fire Shattuck Ave Berkley "The Flying Cottage"

05.11.06 House Fire Berkley Essex St

05.11.06 Richard Allen Attempted Jail Break Martinez Detention Facility

05.15.06 Shooting At The Pittsburg Superior Court Parking Lot

05.22.06 Car Crashes Into Inflatable Play Pen Southfield Michigan Near Detroit

05.29.06 Car Bomb In Iraq Kills CBS Camera Crew Injuring Journalist Kimberly Dozier

05.29.06 Taxi Cab Accident San Francisco At Broadway And Powell

05.30.06 San Francisco City Hall Evacuated Due To 3 Suspicious Packages

06.03.06 Internet Sleuth Todd Mathews

06.06.06 Asa Sulivan Shot By San Francisco Police While Holding An Eye Glass Case

06.10.06 Anthony Pelicano  Illegal Wire Tap Recordings Worry's Hollywood Celebrities

06.12.06 Judge Chuck Weller Shot By Sniper In Reno Nevada

06.13.06 Garden Protest

06.15.06 San Martin Anderson Lake 4.7 Earthquake

06.15.06 SF School Edward Robeson Taylor School PTA Missing Money From Bank Of America

06.23.06 Vandalism Of Peacock Gap Golf Course Sprinkler System Causes Water Shortage

06.25.06 UC Berkley Quarterback Steve Levy Arrested For Assault With Deadly Weapon In A Bar Fight

07.28.06 Mel Gibson Arrested For Driving Under The Influence

07.27.06 Maureen Faibish Trial Death Of Her Son Nicholas

08.02.06 Rohnert Park 4.4 Earthquake

08.03.06 Race Car Driven By Cristiano da Matta Hits Deer During Test Session

08.05.06 The Keys Condominium Fire Walnut Creek

08.05.06 CHP Officer Brent Clearman Hit & Killed By Car

08.08.06 Top Salon Pedicure Skin Infection Death Lawsuit

08.05.06 Phoenix Sniper

08.29.06 Driving "Rampage"

09.01.06 Polygamist Warren Jeffs Arrested

09.04.06 Steve Irwin Killed By Stingray

09.12.06 Corpse Found At Filming Location Of CSI New York

09.14.06 Spinach Recall

09.29.06 Armored car Robbery Murder Oakland

10.02.06 Amish School Shooting

10.04.06 Earl Stephenson Arrested For Murder Oakland

10.06.06 Motorcyclist Beaten Dokoto Rd

10.12.06 Rooftop Rescue May Have Caused Death From Fall Nick Torrico

10.18.06 Dismembered Body Louisiana Murder Suicide Zackery Bowen Addie Hall

10.19.06 Stingray Attacks 81 Year Old

10.22.06 Diablo Valley College Pleasant Hill Bomb Threats Close School

10.22.06 Amnesia Victim Jeff Ingram "Al" Found In Colorado Locates Family in Washington

10.24.06 Todd Skinner Professional Rock Climber Died From Fall Yosemite While Repelling

10.25.06 Othello Walker Arrested For Rape Alameda County Cold Case

10.25.06 Van Crash Marin County

10.26.06 Esperanza Fire Kills Five Fire Fighters

10.31.06 Ebay Paypal Building Explosion San Jose

11.01.06 Reno Mizpah Hotel Fire

11.01.06 Sink Hole Damages Auto Repair Shop Los Angeles

11.02.06 Teresa Moses Accused Of Torture Child Endangerment Of Her Son Rajjon Daniels

11.02.06 Tip Top Dry Cleaning Fire Los Gatos Santa Cruz Ave

11.06.06 Woman Murdered Son Charged Danville Dimitra Mantas

11.06.06 USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Stuck In Mud

11.07.06 Eastbay Doctor Accused Of Rape

11.08.06 Shavan Boone Found Dead In Creek Bed Stuffed into A Recycling Container

11.09.06 Edward Bradley Died At The age of 65

11.09.06 Evan Baldenegro Kidnapped By Father Ralf Baldenegro

11.10.06 Jack Palance Died At The Age Of 87

11.17.06 Coach Bo Schembechler Died At The Age Of 77

11.20.06 Lafayette Memorial Crosses City Officials

11.25.06 Man Threatens El Nuevo Herald Workers With Plastic Gun Jose Varela

11.28.06 Janni Merill Over Dose Heroine Death

12.12.06 Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus Accused Of Discrimination

12.13.06 Peter Boyle Died At The Age Of 71

12.13.06 Senator Tim Johnson Survives Stroke

12.19.06 Ashley Garamendi Arrested DUI

12.24.06 Frank Stanton Died At The Age Of 98

12.25.06 James Brown Died At The Age Of 73

12.26.06 President Gerald Ford Died At The Age Of 93

12.29.06 Saddam Hussein Executed




01.11.04 Small Plane Crash Orlando Florida College Park

01.19.05 Concord Brothel Legacy Apartments

02.05.05 Man Held in Ambulance Theft in O.C.

02.09.05 Rooster Run Plane Crash 57

02.16.05 Ron Gonzalez San Jose Mayor Suffers Stroke

02.16.05 Mathew Carrington Fraternity Pledge Died From Hazing

02.23.05 Jessica Lunsford Missing

03.23.05 Finger Found In Serving Of Wendy's Chili

03.31.05 Mission District Shooting SF 26th & Treat

04.09.05 Hudson Street Shooting San Francisco

04.13.05 Jeremy Rorke Hit And Killed Baseball Player With Bat After Game

04.14.05 Log Truck Overturns On Freeway

04.14.05 Steve Young Inducted into Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame

04.20.05 Cop Accused Of Using SFO Surveillance Cams To Ogle Women

04.25.05 Larry Lasater Killed In The Line Of Duty Pittsburg Police Department

05.07.05 Rick Escobedo Died While Being Taken Into Police Custody "Excited Delirium"

05.09.05 Winston Hayes Compton Police Shooting

05.09.05 Two Die In Missouri School Bus Accident

05.10.05 Fed Ex Danville California Looses Engine Housing

05.12.05 Hassan Rahgozer Attacked In High School Bathroom While Student Video Taped Assault

05.13.05 Brent Jones Catches Robbery Suspect

05.15.05 Plane Misses Airport Ends Up In Bay New Jersey - United Airlines Pensions

05.16.05 Car Crashes Into High Voltage Power Line Pole

05.16.05 Shasta & Dyllan Groene Kidnapped

05.16.05 Southwest Turbulence Academy of Country Music Awards

05.17.05 Frank Groshin Died at age of 72  - CSI

05.17.05 Landing Gear Problem On Small Plane In Florida

05.18.05 Sober Q Virus Sends Pro Neo Nazi Email

05.19.05 Hot Air Balloon Catches Fire In Louisiana

05.20.05 Henery Corden Voice Of Fred Flintstone Died At The Age Of 85

05.20.05 Dr. Robert Lull Murdered In His Diamond Heights Home

05.21.05 Small Plane Crashes Coney Island

05.22.05 Missing Girl Found Buried Alive Under Rocks In Dumpster

05.23.05 Medical Mystery at San Francisco Police Department

05.22.05 Thurl Ravenscroft Died At The Age Of 91 - Voice of Tony The Tiger 

05.27.05 Small Plane Buzz's The Santa Cruz Beach - FAA Employees Laugh At Complaint

05.31.05 Natalee Holloway

06.01.05 49ers Kirk Reynolds PR Director Fired Over Controversial Training Video

06.01.05 Deep Throat revealed as Mark Felt

06.03.05 San Jose Mayor Ron Gonzalez's Garbage Contract In Question

06.03.05 Nicholas Faibish Attacked And Killed By Pitbull

06.06.05 Tommy Hook Viciously Attacked

06.07.05 Gordon Trucking Jackknife 680

06.07.05 San Jose Police Officer Slashed With Box Cutter Apprehending Suspect At Fry's Electronics

06.08.05 Lodi terrorist cell early

06.08.05 Dr Jose Rosehaas Charged With Elder Abuse Sexual Assault

06.14.05 Tom Brady's Private Jet Skids off Runway Plane

06.14.05 - 06.17.05 Two Helicopters Crash New York In Separate Incidents

06.18.05 Small Plane Crashes On Pasadena Freeway

06.20.05 Joanne Hayes White San Francisco Fire Department Chief Accused Of Hitting Husband With Beer Bottle

06.21.05 Jim Plunket Ring Returned

06.21.05 KPIX Chopper Dog Hit By Car

06.21.05 Helicopter Crash Sweden Leased To Transport 100 Year Old Patient

06.28.05 Shooting At Party Hosted By Julian Peterson

06.28.05 Walmart Heir John Walton Ultra Light Accident

06.29.05 Putin Pockets Robert Kraft Super Bowl Ring

06.29.05 Boat Runs Into Pier SF

07.02.05 Shasta Groene Found - Denny's - SNL

07.02.05 Mr. Frog Bar Shooting - SNL

07.04.05 Emeryville Officer Involved Shooting

07.05.05 South Larwin Tree Fall

07.05.05 L. Patrick Gray former head of FBI dies of cancer

07.05.05 Michael Marcus Dentist Accused Of Sexual Battery

07.05.05 George Allen Smith Murdered on Cruise Ship

07.06.05 National Guard Accused of Spying on Protesters

07.06.05 Kaiser Hospital Walnut Creek Murder Suicide Donald & Betty George 

07.06.05 Willy & Letha Payton Missing On Their Way To A Eye Doctor Appointment

07.07.05 London Terrorist Bombings Kings Cross Train Station

07.08.05 San Francisco Police Officers

07.10.06 Milena Del Valle Fatally Injured Boston Big Dig Tunnel Ceiling Collapse

07.10.05 Two Biplanes Crash At During Dog Fight Simulation At Saskatchewan Air Show

07.11.05 Toddler used as human shield shot to death

07.11.05 Tree Branch Falls at Palo Alto Park Injuring Several Children

07.13.05 Handicap Van Electronic Wheel Chair Stolen

07.13.05 Sherriff's Helicopter Crashes Sacramento

07.15.05 Hill Top Mall Robbery Shooting - 1220

07.15.05 Girl Throws River Rock at Young boy in Fresno

07.15.05 Hill Top Mall Robbery Shooting

07.16.05 Melia Willis Starbuck

07.18.05 Debra Lafave Accused Teacher Of Having Sex With Student

07.20.05 Two Men Dragged Under Speeding Car

07.20.05 James Doohan from Star Trek Died Of Alzheimer's Disease

07.20.05 Paul Duke Dies Of Leukemia At The Age of 78

07.21.05 Attempted Bombing In London Tubes

07.22.05 Jessica Simspon Id impersonation fake publicist Courtney Handle

07.25.05 - 7.31.05 Boy Scouts Electrocuted & Lightning

07.26.05 Dan Nels Niemi San Leandro Police Officer Killed On Duty

07.27.05 George Wallace "Commander Cody" Died At The Age Of 88 - shuttle launch 7.26.05

07.28.05 FedEx Plane Fire Emergency Landing at Oakland International Airport

07.29.05 Disneyland "California Screamin" Roller Coaster Accident

07.29.05 51 Foot Boat Runs Aground In Oakland

08.01.06 Sandra Beth Geisel Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student

08.05.05 Larry Krueger accused of making racial comments

08.05.05 Smuggler Caught at Customs with 40 packs Heroin Under a Toupee

08.05.05 Southwest Bomb Threat Note - Flaps 373

08.06.05 Marie Osmunds Home Catches Fire Orem Utah

08.08.05 Peter Jennings Died At The Age Of 67

08.08.05 John Johnson Died At The Age Of 87

08.11.05 George Jennifer Hyatte Arrested After Shootout

08.11.05 Alice Fletcher and Mickey Fire San Jose

08.14.05 Helios 737 Crashes in Grammatiko Greece Flight ZU522

08.16.05 United Airlines 747 bound for Tokyo Japan has to return to SFO

08.16.05 Plane Crash Venezuela - Panama - Martinique

08.19.05 PG&E Transformer Explosion San Francisco Ralph Lauren

08.19.05 Cable Car Accident San Francisco - CSI - CSI 8.18.05

08.20.05 Tires Blow On Northwest Airlines Hours After Machinist Strike

08.21.05 San Francisco 49ers Thomas Herrior Died of Unknown Causes

08.24.05 Douglas Schmeid IWU Titan's Football Lineman Died Of Heat Exhaustion

08.25.05 Rolling Black Outs Los Angeles - CSI 8.18.05

09.14.05 Machete Attack Los Altos

09.18.05 Melinda Moore aka "Big Red" missing

09.18.05 Small Plane Landing Gear Problem Jeep Helps To Get The Gear Down

09.19.05 Katelind Caudill Murdered At Her Grandmothers Home

09.20.05 Simon Wiesenthal died at the age of 96

09.20.05 Speeding Vehicle Hits Tree Killing 3 In Union City

09.21.05 Jet Blue Makes Emergency Landing At LAX Due To Landing Gear Problems

09.21.05 Eric Coppel Confesses to Killing To Women in Napa

09.22.05 Several Pedestrians Hit  By Car In Las Vegas

09.23.05 Caitlin Elizabeth Wooten Kidnapped & Murdered By Jerry Don Savage 

09.26.05 Don Adams from Get Smart Died At The Age Of 82

09.28.05 Chevron Refinery Flare Up Richmond California

09.29.05 Cynthia Waxman Moraga Girl Cold Case Solved

09.29.05 - Ski SF Fillmore

10.03.05 Apartment Complex Fire Lacy Ln Concord Ca Lionel Thomas

10.05.05 Lindsay Lohan Involved In An Auto Accident With A Van

10.05.05 Roland Ave Grass Fire Novato    Criminal Minds 9.28.05

10.07.05 Rogue Buck Kills Dog Named Kermit - Stamped / Gored

10.09.05 Robert Davis - Louisiana police brutality

10.10.05 Newspaper Delivery Person Run Over By Her Own Car

10.10.05 Jerry Bonifacio American Soldier Killed In Iraq

10.11.05 Summerwood Apartments Club House Fire

10.11.05 Susan Polk Murder Trial

10.11.05 Stolen Corporate Jet from St. Augustine Florida landed at Lawerenceville Georgia

10.12.05 Wine Warehouse Fire Mare Island

10.12.05 Oakland Warehouse Fire Home Base

10.13.05 Myrtle Apartments Fire

10.13.05 Kristina Wilson Missing

10.15.05 Daniel Horowitz's Wife Pamela Vitale Found Murdered In Their Lafayette Home - Scott Dyleski

10.15.05 Woman Crashes Through Peninsula Dog Salon

10.15.05 Car Crashes Through House

10.16.05 Patrick Warden To Women Killed - DUI Car Accident 

10.16.05 Air Force Airman's Body Recovered In The Sierra Mountains

10.17.05 SF Police Officer Dragged In Mission District

10.18.05 Bill King Died After Hip Surgery

10.18.05 Michael Walker State Narcotics Officer On Trial For Killing Rudy Cardenas

10.15.05 Daniel Horowitz's Wife Pamela Vitale Found Murdered In Their Lafayette Home - Scott Dyleski

10.19.05 Lashaun T. Harris 3 Kids Thrown From Pier 7 Into SF Bay

10.19.05 Padan School Vacaville Auto Accident - Cardenas

10.19.05 Meagan Halavais Shark Attack

10.19.06 Alia Ansari Afghani Murdered Freemont Glenmore Dr

10.20.05 Primetime - White Supremacist - Nazi -  Attack Safety

10.21.05 American Airlines Flight 570 Tires Blow - CSI

10.22.05 Hit & Run Willow Pass Road Concord Starbucks 

10.22.05 Scott Thomas McAlpin Arrested For Body Found In Trunk Of His Car

10.23.05 Police Officer David Lamoree Rio Vista Died After Auto Accident

10.23.05 Nigerian Airplane Bellview Airlines Crashes

10.24.05 Rosa Parks Died At The Age Of 92

10.24.05 Oakland Forces Sale Of "Drug House" - Ruby Harris

10.27.05 Base Jumper Canopy Caught On TV Tower Walnut Grove CA

10.27.05 Nanancy Gonzalez "Ney Ney"  Murdered In San Leandro

10.27.05 Dr. David Gong Murdered Jackson Polk SF

10.31.05 Larry Gamez Raiders Fan Killed By Stray Bullet While Sitting On Sofa In Oakland Home

10.31.05 SF Hertz Rental Company Fire Propane Tanks Explode

11.01.05 Fairfield Police Officer Tony Ford Fired After Discussing Ticket Quotas With The Media

11.01.06 Alexander Litvineko Russian Spy Poisoning Death

11.02.05 Dr.Ira Eugene Polonsky Psychologist Murdered In Vallejo

11.02.05 Kaiser Hospital Accidental Deaths

11.02.05 Raymond Hill National Guardsman Killed In Iraq

11.02.05 Special Election - All propositions defeated

11.04.05 Battery Cage Chicken Egg Ranches Trader Joes Boycott

11.09.05 Parris Hilton Boyfriend Hits Truck With A Bentley While Avoiding Paparazzi

11.08.05 Dr. Zehra Attari Missing

11.10.05 Gerorge Washington High School Website Hacked By Cyber Bully

11.10.05 - Patrick Gaston

11.11.05 Cell Phone Bank Robber

11.11.05 Mother Arrested For Offering 4 Year Old Daughter For Sex Shannon Woods

11.11.05 Mother With Baby In Stroller Get Caught In Subway Door

11.12.05 Tornado Stratford Iowa Ramsey

11.12.05 Bartrice Rodgers Shot & Killed By SUV Driver After Fight

11.16.05 Ted Koppel Retiring

11.16.05 Kaiser New System To Email Your Doctor

11.17.05 CHP Officer Andy Stevens Killed In the Line Of Duty

11.17.05 Quan Dao Missing San Jose Man

11.18.05 Ojai Fire - Petroleum Plants Ventura

11.21.05 PG&E Box Truck Hits Power Pole IN San Francisco

11.21.05 Katrina Hatton Babysitter Arrested For Death Of 2 Year Old Killed By A Train

11.21.05 Nike Corporate Jet - Landing Gear Problems

11.22.05 Catholic Church Virgin Mary Statue Weeps Tears Of Blood

11.25.05 Pat Morita Died At The Age Of 73

11.28.05 Teen Attacked With A Mallet And Then Raped In Oakland Rock Ridge Area

12.01.05 Murder At Oakland Sushi Bar

12.01.06 December Brings Wet Weather For The Bay Area Concord Walnut Creek

12.02.05 Samurai Sushi Restaurant In Sacramento Is Sinking

12.02.05 Alameda County Sherriff Questioned Of Nepotism

12.03.05 Bay Bridge Closed Due To Bomb Threat

12.04.05 Douglas Murphy Died In House Fire Lafayette

12.07.05 SFPD Video Scandal

12.08.05 Southwest Overshoots Runway Flight #1248 Chicago Midway

12.11.05 Anna Vuori Sexually Assaulted Murdered In Her Lafayette Home

12.14.05 Good Samaritan Nelson Santos Truck Stolen While Rescuing Car Accident Victims

12.15.05 Ryan Watts Kills Father And Sets House On Fire In Fear Of  Bad Grades

12.15.05 School Bomb Plot Foiled At Ann Sobrato High School Morgan Hill

12.18.05 EMT Killed In Traffic Accident -Scott Lofgren

12.18.05 Mattress Truck Over Turns On Highway Cause Chain Reaction Accident

12.20.05 David Letterman Restraining Order New Mexico Collen Nestler

12.20.05 Midwest Airline Landing Gear Problem Boston Logan

12.20.05 San Martin Small Plane Crash

12.21.05  Son Of Indianapolis Colts Head Coach James Dungy Found Dead - Suicide

12.22.05 Jonathan Genant Attacked By Shark

12.23.05 Mugger Attacked & Killed By Tiger At South African Zoo

12.23.05 Small Plane Crashes In Alameda County

12.26.05 New Orleans Police Kill Man Wielding Knife

12.26.05 Oprah's Gulf Stream Makes Emergency Landing

12.26.05 Alaska Air Malfunction

12.27.05 15 Year Old Struck By Truck Mirror

12.27.05 Frontier Air To Makes Emergency Landing John Wayne - LAX

12.28.05 Violin Worth $175,000 Stolen Missing

12.30.05 The Million Dollar Home Page



02.04.05 Ambulance Theft Chase

04.23.05 Willbank disappears - Ron Bower links Smith Wedding 4.23.05

02.13.05 Mark McCormack Fire Fighter

04.20.05 case CPD Shoots Dog Newhall park

04.20.05 case Cop Accused of Using SFO Surveillance Cams to Ogle Woman

Aids Virulent

Wendy's Chili Finger

Deck Collapse Stony Brook Napa

John Paul II Pope's Death

Paris Hilton Side Kick

Greendale Beating

Cowell Road Canal Accident

Wells Fargo - Alice Martell & VP Beating & Death (Arco Arena) 4.21.05

Larry Lasater PPD assailant Hamilton

Gas Explosions - various areas San Jose Car dealer,  San Francisco Canary, Petco, Gas Leak ?

Nicole Joana Payne

Legacy Brothel - 6.02

Chan Christina shooting SF

Roosters Palne Crash

Patrick Lawler

Jessica Lundsford

Ayala Death SF wrap

Marcil Golden Gate

Video Peeper echo

Armand Harvey

Bridge welds

Car In water

David Letterman brick yard glacier kaiser cheifs 04.01.05 Kaiser Rain David Letterman Studio Leak Furgeson Plumbing CSI plumbing Mariah Carru stripes

Extreme Make Over Merlin Tug barge Boat Paul doll

Fresno Car Deal Grape Grower

Hudson Shooting

Jakwan Rice Dog Mauling

Late Late Show

Martinez Shooting redwood Endris 4.06.05

Pipe Dream Vesicare

Pope 4.01.05 937

Pope 4.02.05

Prince Charles Camilla Bowles

San Jose State Cheerleader

Sf Auto Body Shop Lauerl

Treat Shooting SF

Truck Bike Shop

Aids Virulent

Vioxx Sun Burn

Scarf - Iraq





02.14.04 Moscow Water Slide Park Roof Collapses

03.17.04 Philip Michael Batlin Hit and Run Kills man In Millbrae

04.10.04 Isaac Espinoza San Francisco Police Officer Killed On Duty

04.10.04 Nicholas Berg Hostage

04.14.04 I 680 Plane Crash Pleasant Hill California

05.01.03 Jane Doe Carrow's

05.04.04 Joanna Rogers Missing Lubbock Texas

05.05.04 Cameron Boyd Shot Death By SF Police

05.15.04 SF case Officer Arrested For Sexual Assault

05.18.04 Deer Crosses Golden Gate Bridge - Google IPO

05.22.04 Saturn Blimp Crashes Into Two Buildings in Las Vegas

05.23.04 Charles de Gaulle International Airport Collapse

06.01.04 Opening Statements Scott & Laci Peterson Case

06.03.04 Levee Break Delta Bacon Island Stockton

06.04.04 Man Destroys Several Building with a Bulldozer in Colorado

06.06.04 Shani Hollway Murdered

06.08.04 Windsor Water Works Drowning

06.10.04 Pittsburg Police Officer Shot By Eddie Sanchez

06.20.04 Priscilla Ng Murdered In A Home Invasion

10.15.04 Ferry Boat Accident New York

Tran Shooting - SJPD

San Jose Police Brutality - Engle Wood Attorney Brother

Concord Shooting Monument Blvd

Irma Perez

Carlie Brucia

Carmen Hernandez

The Grid East Coast Black Out

Hedson Martinez Chicken Game Death x 2

Windsor Water park Drowning

Antioch PD 155

DVC Pleasant Hill Murder

Superman Roller coaster 6 Flags Stan


Alice Martell

Rafael Price

Holly Fire Myrtle

05.01.04 Vineyard Drowning

06.02.04 Quimby Fire

Iris Chang

01.08.04 Parris Hill

01.20.04 Alisa Lewis Menigitis

Nicholas Rotolla

03.24.04 Wesson

03.29.04 Man mauled by Dog Marcelo

01.12.04 hard drive Whalgrens - see gray pontiac

Iran Bam EQ

Indonesia EQ

Brandon Mayfield

06.10.04 Marchese PPD Shot by Eddie Sanchez

04.14.04 Arianna Jimenez I 680 Plane Crash

04.22.04 Goal Post Jimenez

05.10.04 Raymond Bass

08.25.04 Russian Airlines 2 Tu Paratype Purchase links

Nick Berg



02.21.03 April Renee Greer North Carolina Missing Body Dismembered Found In Trash Can Creek Bed

04.00.03 Ray Giacomelli  PPD Killed on Duty, Assailant Earl Foster

05.01.03 Jane Doe Carrows

05.15.03 Kathleen Aiello Loreck Fatally Attacked On Concord Trail

06.07.03 Small Bonanza Plane Crashes Into Apartment Building Los Angeles

06.07.03 Kate Corbett - Mother & Her Three Children Died In Auto Accident

11.18.03 Whit House Id 4 E Mail Sent To Acquaintance

11.22.03 Dru Sjodin Kidnapped Murdered By Alfonso Rodriguez

12.04.03 Ten Bay Area Men Indicted In Hells Angels Raid

12.06.03 711 Accident

12.14.03 Michael DuFour Modesto Police Officer Died After Having Flu Like Symptoms

12.23.02 Scott & Laci Peterson

Fajita Gate

Robert Blake

07.10.03 Boundary Oaks Fire

10.23.03 Kirk Jones

Scott & Laci Peterson Case

CCmyers Bridge Collapse

Jimena Barretto

Daniel Price

Deshawn Dawson

Diane Whipple

Docs Pharmacy

Dru Sjodin

Eddie Gwen Araujo

Eric Ruldolph

Evelyn Hernandez

8.10.03 Gregory Hines Death

Charles Degaul Airport Terminal Collapse

Hanna Muhammad

Janette Tomayo

John Allen Muhammad - snipper

Charles Mckoy - snipper

Justin Helzer

John Ritter & Johnny Cash 911 pass away

Captain Kangaroo


Space Shuttle Explosion

12.16.03 SF Bus Crash

Water slide roof Collapse Moscow

Rainbow Shooting SJ

06.09.03 Shawn Fayerweather

11.20.03 White House Evacuation

Aaron Ralston - Hiker

04.21.03 April Sanchez

11.26.03 Disneyland Train Accident Marcelo

07.21.03 Russell Weller Butts Car accident market

11.25.03 Volvo Grill



06.05.02 Elizabeth Smart Kidnapped From Her Bedroom Utah

05.03.02 Harry Bill Flint

11.20.02 Fajitagate San Francisco Police

04.22.02 Linda Boreman aka Linda Love Lace

Samantha Runion

Rashawn Hill




09.11.01 World Trade Center Attack & Structure Collapse

09.18.01 Anthrax Attacks Post 911

11.12.01 American Airlines Flight 587 Crashes in Queens


07.25.00 Concorde Flight AF 4590






06.02.97 Water World USA  Bonsai Waterslide Collapse
Pending Cases

Zodiac Killer - Suspect under Mind Control  - Controllers lead him to the victims with different astrological signs


SBC Commercials


Personal Case Files

By no means are we associated to any of these events in any way , but there appears and most likely is a parallel between and events that make the news.



53     373      Abz Echo 369  



TV Show Direct Links





Bank Robberies

Drug Busts

Computer Crimes





Hate Crimes







Power Failures








Structural Failure





Tree Falls

Unexplained Deaths


Vehicle Accidents


War Hostages

Water Craft - Vessels

Water Ways






The Passion Of The Christ

Keith Barry  Extraordinary Second   Sight   From   A "Mind Control Expert"


"It's not a cover up!"

90%  of  household  dust truth uncovered    >Lab<

A Beautiful Mind

If all  homes  have  mold so does your body  (CLX)  


The Constant Gardner (R)

Possible  connection  to  the cause  of  hurricane  Katrina


No   need    for   a    Zoe Implant.     You   already have   a  similar  &  more powerful  one.  See  The Final Cut Trailer  &  BJM

Homers Under Control !

Sounds    more     like    a cracking    sound       than paper shredding.  Is this a threat,    an    answer    or what's going on at offices around   the  world.   The WTC   had   an   invisible substance in the building that  made  the   structure fail.


Korrekt Television

Psycho Sounding   

A   means   of   obtaining information      from     an individual's mind  without his   will   and  awareness

We  are  all   victims  of a  large  scale  study similar to this  information stated on a Russian website.

About Control        >1  2<




These guys are talking about control.

(two interestin