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Korrekt Cases             V


03.22.07 Steven Bochco Metacafe,com Creates Cafe Confidential Website For Video Sharing

"When you think about television and movies its run by -- I don't know,  one hundred, two hundred people"

Prerequisite Brainstorm

Cliff Robertson IMDb - Alex Terson (order repair - carefully)

12.17.05 CBS debuts Public Eye "How the sausage is made" a look at how CBS chooses the news they broadcast - Links / Tie's
05.02.05 Dave Letterman More with Les CBS CEO

Leslie Moonves

The Knights of Prosperity > Operation Mindcrime > Mind Crime 1

05.16.05 With You

05.04.07 DL Ray Ramano

05.16.05 - 6.21.05 Trampoline
07.04.05 Samantha Mohr - "Employee" - "Viewing Room"
07.04.05 - Bothered Rick Quan - Dana King gets tuff with snakes "they shut there mouths down ... he got nothing..." and her words from SNL 7.02.05 - pending
07.20.05 We think this guy is a fake and a liar using 5 minutes of MSNBC air time as a  primary means of communication with a secondary message, possibly he is looking (Earthquest) for some cracker that's flown the coop."You better telephone - Murphy" - "Call our dogs" ? - "Rewarded"

MSNBC by airing this segments obvious inaccurate reporting it must have a secondary message in itself -possibly aiding and abetting criminal activity. (JIB ciabata)

07.20.05 MSNBC feeding the dog agenda with a mismatched segment headline "All your congressmen and senators have been turned into dogs"  WHO





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Sort  - Video Clip Links of supporting evidence from various television show & commercials  

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Advertising Korrekt





Everything Connected

There are no coincidences in crime



Numbers  - CBS Friday's

Debut Show - Sean - Microsoft at CES Sean Alexander

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal

Numbers Perdict Control

Number's Sync  May 17 - what police overlook or intentionally ignore




Conan O'Brien Microsoft at CES "Remote Malfunction"

Microsoft Antenna Head



Tony Danza Show


When the TV's About You  Tony Danza - Carrie Fisher - Investigation Intimidation Video (subtle)


See how Tony was doing the next day after Korrekt  edited the clip

"When the TV's about you" not sure if it was a rerun.


"They will keep my brain ?" - edited and context directed, like reading between the lines so to speak.



The Office

Gelatin Stapler - easy does it - Staples ads Easy button


Staples - Push button control (see The Office)

Staples - ER (emergency room)




Children's Television programming


Lazy Town - Control

I'm a devil Sherri Lewis David Letterman Show emphasis on "Am I right!"


Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson CBS


Lisa Loeb - I Control The Sun 3.29.05



Hospital Advertising


Sutter Health Korrekt

Good Samaritan Hospital has Just One Regret




Elvis Commercial


President Gerorge Bush Jr.


Hook & Horn - Satan - Warning


TV Commercials - Also check Advertising in the navigation bar


Citibank Possession


Identity Theft Bruce L. Ridding Lawn Mower

Identity Theft Eric N. Car Wash

Identity Theft Helen D. Dental Hygenist

Identity Theft Ruth F. Senior Pool Cleaner

Identity Theft Richard P. Pilot

Identity Theft Sandra T. Salon

Identity Theft Combo


Aqua Fresh Extreme Clean U'r  tongue

Aqua fresh Extreme Clean Judo

United Parcel Service (UPS) - Telepathy & Vision

T Mobile - Waxy White -Side Kick + Melon Head Michael J Fox + Convertible Chemicals 187 (3 links)


Mc Donald's - They're in you dome

Mc Donald's - Controlling You

Mc Donald's - Curious Hot Wax

Mc Donald's - Nose about slavery

MC Donald's - Are there bugs in your sandwich

MC Donald's - It's a sham and a cover up

MC Donald's - Drum Line Milk in It

MC Donald's - Plant

MC Donalds - Life


Best Buy - Puppet on a string commercial

Best Buy - Control at the push of a button

Cingular Wireless - All over load head

Antler  - Know more than you should Discovery Channel

Comcast - Suspicious Sponge Bob

Tobacco - We now control you

Jack In the Box - Being gym Malkovich - eyes on

Exorcist DVD - Is there some one inside you

Feria hair Dye - Trip

Coke C2 - 2 B free - some ones watching you See two's

Carl's Jr.'s Ned - paint story here

Apple iPOD - life is not random 2 ways two go

Cheeze It's - cool ranch taste bud overkill

Direct TV -  movement  - "You In"

Pedigree dog food - dogs rule ?

Kraft mayonnaise Big Mouth - about the right stuff

Capitol One Not You - supports the "you" is not yourself its an entity of many

Chunky Chili - Takes your breath away - food scare anyone

e trade  were rats in a maze

Honda CRV Dog Show - Eyes

Master Card Get a Job - you are a game piece

Nissans - Bling -- Bling = X

Aquafresh - Judo

Double Mint Gum - Truth

Audi - Greater Control
Coors Red Record - Commy Wax - Evening Magazine commy's turn table  "are here ?" Rocky wear are you ?
Mini Wheat's Balance  >1 >2
Infect Truth Gerorge Harrison

Cadillac - Permeating Chemical Control Tacking System (example) Stuff light as air heavy as lead

Ford - Permeating Chemical Control Tacking System (example) Stuff it's in your soul

Bissell Vacuum - Become one, Choose or is it Shoes ?

Gatorade - Is it In You

Oroweat - Dry Ice Floor Wax

Sun Sweat Prunes - Spreading the word

KFC - Genius I know

Philips Sonicare White Suit Plaque

Kashi Dog "Right Stuff"

Ford The Truth Is



Comcast Ah!

Imitrex Ah!




Korrekt Commercials


Career Builder 1 - Career Builder 2 - Korrekt

Miller Beer - Korrekt

Tylenol - Korrekt - ski

Tylenol commercial Stop Think Brenda Bass - Rather not take it at all


Keebler Korrekt - It may be cool to be Korrekt at least you will have some control of your life

Liberty - Mutual Korrekt

Allstate Insurance - Korrekt - 05.04.07 DL Dennis Haysbert



Coke Bubbles Pool
Undo Tobacco Baby Bubble's Benzene

Oil Of Olay Bubbles - dogs did it





Kashi golean crunch -Control Destiny "We Choose" Transpoon's ?

Orchard Supply Hardware

KIA 1  2  3 Tion -  wing man no video

Comcast ?

Progressive Insurance - no video yet February 2005

HR block



Pharmaceutical television advertising - excluding all the purple at this time


Donnie Darko Placebo Pills + See the film Donnie Darko + Darko Control Crave Gas Stuff


Lilly Strattera (atomoxetine) - Remote Mind Control

Sanofi Aventis - Ambien - we want out of sync

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals - Lamisil (terbinafine) dermatophyte - wrapped around your skull (turban) also "caps"

Phizer Lipitor (atorvastatin) - Take a dive and trip yourself - only have eye's for you, what about me I need privacy.

Merck Singulair (montelukast sodium) Caps - its in the air

Merk Zocor (simvaststin) Paint protection - your problems are a penetrative coating - protection in the wrong hands




She Spies

She Spies - Watching You


Saturday Night Live

Al Franken SNL mobile 1 Satellite Head



The Bachelorrette ABC Mondays

Bachelorette - Eye's - BJM

Bachelrette - David Pass's Out - Blacked Out Intentionally


Desperate Housewives ABC Mondays

Desperate House Wives - Psychological Warfare - MC = Mind Control


Late Night with David Letterman CBS

DL Psychic Sandwich



Fatherly Advice - From The Film Donnie Darko

Post Office +

Captain Morgan's Rum Shawn



Temp post

Moscow Water Slide Collapse 2.14.04 / 2.16.04


Remax lisa

Hot Air Balloon 5.19.05


Comcast Teacher "They"

Wendy's MEPS

Pit Bull 6.17.05

Pit Bull 6.18.05

DL Rupert G's Ice cream case - stuff

Lodi Terrorist Cell Ice Cram Man 6.09.05

Daisy Sour Cream

Sean Astin CJ  6.24.05

1800 dentist Unique








BK_powersitting_1 - Links 05.02.07 DL Ben Kweller

BK_powersitting_2 - Links 05.02.07 DL Ben Kweller






Fockers - 05.05.07 Meet The Faulker ABC


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