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05.20.05 Dr. Robert Lull Murdered In His Diamond Heights Home



  4.29.05 CSI L - #321 forever
5.09.05 CSI M - Vengeance - X ray machines - welds used - for other purposes
5.18.05 Chris Rock Nicolette Sheridan -  "44 carrot diamond" - "Mansion" "Astro Turf Attack!"

Desperate Housewives created by Marc Cherry - Season Finale Sunday 5.22.05



5.18.05 Sela Ward guest stars on House - "Emerald Point" - university of Alabama - 11.15.05 Country Music Awards CBS - Alabama

11.18.05 Tony Danza Show - No Video



5.22.05 - Grey's Anatomy Diamond Grip Gloves - no video



4.29.05 CSI Diamond stitch horse ?



 5.22.05 DHW Season Finale Sunday



5.23.05 Paul Newman Myth Busters - Links Red Cross - Saturation


5.22.05 Baltimore Preakness - Horse Racing

5.25.05 Operation New Market Haditha Iraq. A US soldier marks "K2" (sharpie) on the forehead of an Iraqi prisoner wearing an "Ellesse" T-shirt (tennis apparel)

10.23.05 ABC ER - writing on forehead - no video  9  - Cannon Commercial - Kaiser Shooting Marianne MCBee


5.25.05 Arrest made in Dr Robert Lull's death - Elleson Millary suspect - Concord

reference 5.25.05 Military Prisoner "K2" Ellesse T shirt  Ellesse (Ellson) Military (Millary)


5.27.05  Viagra blind  news - Blue Diamond


6.03.05 - Diamond Heights real estate prices

6.03.05 Sex Offender Viagra



6.08.05 Dr Jose Rosehaas Charged With Elder Abuse Sexual Assault


11.15.05 While working on this page I had take a break to mow the lawn, after mowing I noticed a kid running a cross the freshly cut grass and into the open garage. It was dark and I was wearing black, I think he didn't see me standing on the side walk in front of the house.  An Asian kid walked up on the sidewalk with flyers for a food drive I looked at the flyer it was the Cub Scouts promoting a food drive for Saturday 11.19.05.  The kid said "Donation go to "Whore" it looked as if he was trying to say something else ... (click logo continue - reference notes) 03.09.06 The Gold Bracelet Film Depicting Post 911 Hate Crimes Against Indians - see following story Boy Scouts

11.19.05 WAT - Light Years - recent doctors death & disappearance may have links to this episode of Without a trace - Dr. Lull Radiologist


11.30.06 Los Angles cab driver finds $350,000 in cut diamonds back seat of Taxi, he returned them to the jeweler and was rewarded with a diamond tennis bracelet.
03.09.06 The Gold Bracelet Film Depicting Post 911 Hate Crimes Against Indians

03.09.06 Dr. Moure Chief Surgeon Of Neurology At Highland Hospital Forcibly Restrained


New links

11.28.05 LLS Sela Ward

11.22.05 funeral -

11.22.05 - Rockwood Holdings - reference corp. directors

11.22.05 GMA John Mayor Trio - Pino



Linked Caes

5.12.05 Hassan Rahgozer Attacked In High School Bathroom While Student Video Taped Assault

5.20.05 Dr.Robert Lull Murdered In His Diamond Heights Home - 5.09.05 CSI M - Vengeance  - (List)

11.02.05 Kaiser Hospital Accidental Deaths 

11.02.05 Dr. Ira Eugene Polonsky Psychologist Murdered In Vallejo

11.08.05 Dr. Zehra Attari Missing 

11.17.05 Quan Dao Missing  - Total Recall (1990)  Dr. Lull played by Rose Mary Dunsmore - Recall photo CMH


10.09.05 Robert Davis - Louisiana police brutality

03.09.06 Dr. Moure Highland Hospital Forcibly Restrained  - 03.09.06 French Father Found Guilty Of Drugging Sons Tennis Opponents



News & Links

5.10.05 Doctors Can Often Misdiagnose Growing Pains - note 6 news missing page

5.20.05 Fake Plastic Surgery Doctor Sentenced

5.21.05 Doctor's Credit Cards Found; Killer Sought

5.22.05 Baltimore Preakness

5.23.05 Medical Mystery at San Francisco Police Department

5.25.05 SF Police Make Arrest In Doctor's Murder

5.25.05 KPIX At Clayton Valley HS - no video - Video review ASA

5.25.05 Burt Reynolds Slaps Cameraman

6.01.05 Mark Felt reveals he is "Deep Throat"

10.23.05 ABC ER - writing on forehead - no video

Preakness - Jockey Uniforms - Diamond Sun King - Nicholas P Zito

Triple Diamond Robert J. Frankel



Movie Links

Total Recall (1990)  Dr. Lull played by Rose Mary Dunsmore - Recall photo CMH


5.25.05 Operation New Market Haditha Iraq. A US soldier marks "K2" (sharpie) on the forehead of an Iraqi prisoner wearing an "Ellesse" T-shirt (tennis apparel)

10.23.05 ABC ER - writing on forehead - no video


5.09.05 CSI M - Vengeance

11.08.05 Dr. Zehra Attari Missing   










"Bob" - sponge - Saturation

Mary Lou Licwinko - Link (Tongue) Wink -  Mind Crime

Lic. 3KOA 282 1995 Geo Prizm -  KOA  - Campsite ? ? Glaicer Magazine

Pornography ? - 6.01.05 Mark Felt reveals he is "Deep Throat" ?

Glacier Magazine - Cindy Margolis issue 1 - appears as if that was the only issue approximately may - june

Glacier Audio

Simpsons Mind Control Episode - Glacier

11.13.05 KPIX  - concert rupert merdock

Additional news from 5.18.05 - 5.27.05 - thumbs on Korrekt DWT - links

Z files

5.25.05 Sonya Lister Tires KGO 15:00 - Pot Holes rims tires

11.16.05 CM - Natural Born Killers - Baltimore

11.16.05 My space Notre Dame - possible suspension for loging on to my space

Spectrum - Chevy White

5.09.05 CSI M - Vengeance  Links Gee - Nuclear Medicine Infinity 1999

Chiron - Novartis recent take over

UCSF -  Chiron Bayer - Disbanded UCSF researchers critical research project regarding plaques

11.18.05 Tony Danza show - Sela Ward - no video

Total Recall (1990)

Dr. Lull played by Rose Mary Dunsmore - Recall photo CMH

11.17.05 Quan Dao Missing

01.18.06 Kayla Reed Teen Missing From Livermore Found Dead  ( ?




Following this post


Earth to America an up coming TV show scheduled on PBS Sunday 11.20.05 at 8 pm  - probable initiator - linked to above Glacier Magazine image.


11.17.05 - Tom Hanks - Glaciers Environmental - Global Warming

11.18.05 DL- John McCain - Carla Gugino -  Glaciers Environmental - Global Warming - nuclear energy


Confirms some system of connection to Polansky's murderer and Attari's Disappearance - (Photo's Kaiser Glacier Hi Fi magazine)




Lull Links


California Political Advertising


11.17.05 Oprah discussing homosexuality - "Spectrum" & "Metrosexual" keywords to vehicle links - pending
  02.16.07 GW 216 The Cradle Will Rock - Diamond clip 2
  02.18.07 CC 415 Blood on The Tracks  - 10:00 Lull - links Bob Dylan (Kaiser commercial)




The Passion Of The Christ

Keith Barry  Extraordinary Second   Sight   From   A "Mind Control Expert"


"It's not a cover up!"

90%  of  household  dust truth uncovered    >Lab<

A Beautiful Mind

If all  homes  have  mold so does your body  (CLX)  


The Constant Gardner (R)

Possible  connection  to  the cause  of  hurricane  Katrina


No   need    for   a    Zoe Implant.     You   already have   a  similar  &  more powerful  one.  See  The Final Cut Trailer  &  BJM

Homers Under Control !

Sounds    more     like    a cracking    sound       than paper shredding.  Is this a threat,    an    answer    or what's going on at offices around   the  world.   The WTC   had   an   invisible substance in the building that  made  the   structure fail.


Korrekt Television

Psycho Sounding   

A   means   of   obtaining information      from     an individual's mind  without his   will   and  awareness

We  are  all   victims  of a  large  scale  study similar to this  information stated on a Russian website.

About Control        >1  2<




These guys are talking about control.

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