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12.11.05 Anna Vuori Sexually Assaulted Murdered In Her Lafayette Home

Dec. 11 - KGO - The death of a 90-year-old woman in Lafayette is being investigated as a homicide. Neighbors became worried when newspapers began to gather outside the woman's Moraga Avenue home. A friend found Anna Elizabeth Vuori's body lying on her bed Saturday night.

Both Lafayette police and Contra Costa County Sheriffs are investigating and an autopsy is scheduled for Monday to determine the cause of death.


She lived alone and stopped driving a few years ago, but according to neighbors, 90-year-old Anna Vuori would go outside the house to pick up her newspaper. So when a pile started gathering in front of her Lafayette home, a neighbor called police.

Chief Michael Fisher, Lafayette police dept.: "It was unusual to leave the papers there. She typically would come out soon after the paper was delivered or soon after, bring it back inside and read, and there were several papers just lying in the driveway."

Lafayette police say it is clear Vuori was killed. They won't say how or what the motive may be - only that they found her lying on her bed Saturday night.

Neighbors have no idea who would want to kill Vuori, who they describe as a fragile lady who kept to herself.

This is Lafayette's second homicide this year. The first one happened two months ago, when Pamela Vitale - wife of prominent attorney Daniel Horowitz - was found murdered inside her home. Sixteen-year-old Scott Dyleski is suspected of killing her.



12.07.05 TPC - Powers vs Truaxe - Newspaper delivery papers piled up at door

Monster - dog


12.15.05 School Bomb Plot Foiled At Ann Sobrato High School Morgan Hill


12.09.05 CTH 108 Meth Murders

12.11.05 6:30 pm - paper not mentioned - minimal coverage
12.11.05 6pm
12.11.05 11pm - paper not mentioned - minimal coverage

review 12.12.05


12.13.05 5am

review 12.14.05


12.15.05 School Bomb Plot Foiled At Ann Sobrato High School Morgan Hill
12.16.05 Jeremy King arrested for the murder of Anna Vouri

12.16.05 CTH 109 Baseball Murder - similarities to 04.13.05 Jeremy Rorke Hit And Killed Baseball Player With Bat After Game

12.18.05 CC 310 Franks Best - King (German Sheppard attacked by perp) Felix - King - pet - two keys


12.17.05 SNL - Jack Black                           Mini Wheats spelling bee commercial


12.11.05 news clip visual link - similar suspect vehicle in the episode of  12.09.05 CTH - Meth Murders
12.18.05 CC - Franks Best
12.28.05  CSI N - 203 Zoo York ?

01.04.06 - KGO flyer 4pm


01.05.06 am news - reference link below same style color hat

DL 12.20.05  ann ?



12.20.05 Jeremy King Released from Jail


12.20.05 Lafayette Louisiana Sean Nelson
01.06.06 Jan. 6 - Investigators announced the arrest of a suspect in that highly-publicized murder of a 90-year-old Lafayette woman.
Police say they linked the suspect to the murder and sexual assault of Anna Vuori through a DNA crime database. Thirty-year-old Richard Craig McNew is now in custody in St. Louis where he is being held on an unrelated charge. The Contra Costa District Attorney today charged McNew with murder with special circumstances. That could earn him the death penalty. You may recall police arrested a man shortly after Vuori's murder early last month, but later cleared him of the murder.

Richard Craig McNew anagram - maidenhair - 01.05.06 CSI L - 611 Werewolves - hairy brother & sister Jack & Jill - links Hill top murder

Jack in the Box link - Scott Dyleski Horowitz Link

01.05.06 Political lobbying scandal - -man in the hat Jack Abramoff (file footage ?)

01.09.05 DL - Abramhof intercepted motorcycle ? Survivor comm 02.19.06

01.06.06 N3 212 The O.G.

Survivor comm 02.19.06


216 NCIS - Pop Life 03.01.05 - historic link Lyman Pastor


01.03.06 NCIS - Silver War - Abby Back Cross 36:00

01.03.06 NCIS 307 Honor Code ? Brian Fitzpatrick (Willis Hirst) - Hurst newspaper

01.04.06 CM - L.D.S.K. - Boxer like

01.07.06 Enough CBS 01:29 - Great Lakes Plate


01.07.06 48 Hours - Cold Case Alameda "Greg May" mentioned see TEN

suspect John Greg McNew arrested 01.06.06


01.08.06 60 minutes



01.08.06 Cold Case 311 8 Years ?



01.10.06 NCIS - Boxed In


01.11.06 Chuen-Gun Lee injured during practice in St. Louis Kate Slattery & Lee "zip up the sequence" and continue their routine.
01.11.06 Cheap Eats - Happy Hour "Dirty" Deals - relevance pending Il Fornaio
12.20.05 Smukers Stars On Ice ?
01.13.05 Sasha Cohen Leading Women's Singles in US figure skating championship St. Louis
01.13.06 N3 213 Double Down

01.15.06 Jesse Stone: Night Passage CBS - Missouri (01.31) - relevance ?


01.18.06 DL People Court is that a hair piece ?
01.21.06 48 Hours The Phone Call

02.19.06 Survivor commercials - Survivor of that week may have links

04.10.06 Min wheat's correct  reference  - AR 04.25.06
pending 10.02.06 CSI M 503 Death Pool - Darren Foy (Jimmy Lee) reference Pamela Vitale Bristol Myers Sqiub commercial
pending 11.08.06 CSI N 308 Consequences - mind control Lafayette
11.09.06 CSI L 707 Post Mortem - sound like "vuori" -  (ana ruiz) - pending (verify st louis)
11.10.06 JJ Natasha Dickey vs Lee Truex Jill Savoy vs Jeff Potter

reminder link 12.07.05 TPC - Powers vs Truaxe - Newspaper delivery papers piled up at door

11.10.06 ES CSI L Miniature Model Crime Scenes Hawkeye Bore Scope

Julie Chen (Host of CBS The Early Show & wife of CBS president Les Moonves)  looks for the "smoking gun"

reminder link 12.07.05 TPC - Powers vs Truaxe - Newspaper delivery papers piled up at door
11.15.06 CM 209 The Last Word - St. Louis - reference link sat bottom of page "last word"
01.09.07 BIDA 111 Magic Hours

01.02.07 BIDA 109 Unstable Minister (Top Hat)


UPDATES - Knight CCT- newspaper sold & 04.26.05 - KGO 5pm

KPIX 12.11.05 Baptist church 15:00 mentaly ill

TV Links


12.09.05 CTH - Meth Murders  

12.15.05 WAT - Safe - Ryan  WTC / 911

12.16.05 CTH - Baseball Murder

12.16.05 N3 - Scorched

12.18.05 CC - Franks Best - King (German Sheppard attacked by perp) Jeremy King - CC Franks best 12.18.05 king - pet - two keys - Felix

12.17.05 SNL - Jack Black

01.03.06 NCIS - Silver War - Abby Back Cross 36:00

01.03.06 NCIS - Honor Code


01.04.06 CM - L.D.S.K. - Boxer like

12.28.05  CSI N - 203 Zoo York - Gary Wolf as Ryan Knight ?

NCIS - Check









04.13.05 Jeremy Rorke Hit And Killed Baseball Player With Bat After Game

10.15.05 Daniel Horowitz's Wife Pamela Vitale Found Murdered In Their Lafayette Home - Scott Dyleski

11.08.05 Dr. Zehra Attari Missing ?

12.11.05 Anna Vuori Sexually Assaulted Murdered In Her Lafayette Home

12.15.05 School Bomb Plot Foiled At Ann Sobrato High School Morgan Hill - Ryan ( links Citi Bank Horowitz)

12.15.05 Ryan Watts Kills Father And Sets House On Fire In Fear Of  Bad Grades

12.27.05 15 Year Old Struck By Pickup Truck Mirror

Citi Bank

03.01.06 CM 115 Unfinished Business - Max Ryan




07.23.06 Case file system change - older file system - 04.20.03  "Altman Jesse" (Jimmy Lee spokesman Walnut Creek) file located next to "AM Press" file - possible initiator link Magazine sales link


DL 03.22.06 david spade sarah vowell teddy geiger
DL 03.30.05 penelopy cruz sarah vowell kaiser cheifs er links

DL 04.18.05 penelopy cruz sarah vowell kaiser cheifs er links

Sister Hidden CSI GW  - possible Dyleski link ?

01.05.06 CSI L - 611 Werewolves  - Sister hidden in secret room ?

01.06.06 GW - Friendly Neighborhood Ghost  - Stacy chase changed identity hiding ?



01.05.06 - CBS am "Ester" -  interviewed in Mine Accident



01.08.06 Necessary Roughness CBS Producer(s): Mace Neufeld, Robert Rehme ?






UPDATES main folder


12.07.05 JJ - if applicable - correct

12.07.05 LLS -

12.27.05 GAL Jeremy Jones / Brian King - Meth Patrice Endrise  (Patricia) Robert Ted Hackston Vicky Freedman Nichols Case - Amanda - Jennifer -














  01.10.06 Andrews Raiders Congressional Medal Of Honor



The Passion Of The Christ

Keith Barry  Extraordinary Second   Sight   From   A "Mind Control Expert"


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A Beautiful Mind

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The Constant Gardner (R)

Possible  connection  to  the cause  of  hurricane  Katrina


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Korrekt Television

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These guys are talking about control.

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