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01.18.06 Kayla Reed Teen Missing From Livermore Found Dead


Missing 12.03.05

Body recovered 01.10.06

Identified 01.18.06

11.16.05 - followed CSI (see link below)

01.07.06 48 Hours - Cold Case Alameda



01.18.06 Kayla Reeds Missing

01.18.06 search turns into a homicide investigation & a lead found on the internet ?

11.16.05 CSI N 208 Bad Beat - Kayla - Tara - Tripod (possible connection to links 01.14.06 James Phiffer Missing Hiker Found Dead In the Marin Headlands
01.18.06 DL - Upset Singer Icon

01.18.06 DL - Quivering Lip - Mrs. Patrick's third grade class Woodrow Wilson Elementary Schooll  Newberg New York. reference  01.23.06 Student Brings Loaded Gun To Scholl Accidentally Injures Student

01.18.06 Oprah - The George Allen Smith Murder 07.05.05 George Allen Smith Murdered on Cruise Ship
01.22.06 A piece of history connected to one California most "Notorious incidents" is on display for the first time in over 75 years -  Donner Party - Patty Reed

01.21.06 Body identified pending


01.21.06 48 Hours The Phone Call - Angel Menendez

(Kayla Reeds mother's name is Angel Sheets)


01.21.06 TKQ 220 Surprise Artie - Fish Tank


01.21.06 SNL Peter Sarsgaard - (see target "Russell" in back ground 02:12)

01.22.06 CC 302 The Promise


01.22.06.WAT 404 Lost Time - girl disappears Sky Peterson picture (time 01:04:48:23)

01.04.06 DL Pierce Brosnan (see Early Show 01.23.06 pending)




01.23.06 reunites family Summer Owens David & half sister Brittany  (11.16.05
01.23.06 Summer Perry,  Alex Weagant sharon Weagant Adam Schwictenberg

reference 01.23.06 ES Summer Owens 

01.23.05 Similar appearance to

Debra Lafave - Wikipedia

reference above video

01.26.06 WAT 413 Rage

07.18.05 Debra Lafave Accused Teacher Of Having Sex With Studen
08.01.05 Sandra Beth Geisel Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student
07.10.06 Living Room Live First Finalists "Ditch Water"
01.12.07 Alpha Dog - Witness #21
01.06.07 CC 303 Bad Night - Jonathan Murphy (Angus (1978)) review for links
01.10.06 Kayla Reed a year later - Becka Angus
  01.15.07 CSI M 503 Death Pool -  Eric Lutes (Todd Baransky), Comika Beaudry (Brandi) - Heather Sossaman (Dakota Hudson) Scottie Thompson (Lindsey Archer),




01.14.06 James Phiffer Missing Hiker Found Dead In the Marin Headlands

01.07.06 48 Hours - Cold Case Alameda - "Greg May" ?

05.20.05 Dr. Robert Lull Murdered In His Diamond Heights Home - link ? 

05.03.06 Mobile Phone Use At Bay Area Schools

05.03.06 Helios To Offer Access To - Bowditch Middle School



Owens disappearance 01.18.05 ?

Tri Valley - tripod

Numbers 01.20.06 - tripod at end

The Cut - CBS

Current Affair programming July August 2005

07.05.05 George Allen Smith Murdered on Cruise Ship

05.20.05 Dr. Robert Lull Murdered In His Diamond Heights Home (

01.11.06 CM 112 What Fresh Hell

01.13.06 EB Sharks - Sean VanSummeron

01.15.06 CC 312 Detention (aka All Apologies)

01.22.06 SNL Brendan Fraser

10.22.94 - Kayla Mayberry disappeared from night club

01.26.06 WAT 413 Rage - needs review

01.28.06 N3 201 Assassin - Canal

01.30.06 CSI M 414 Fade Out - canal mentioned

10.07.05 N3 204 Obsession - pictures internet tripod (sunshine inc.)

02.10.06 N3 204 Obsession - pictures internet tripod (sunshine inc.)

03.29.06 CM 118 Somebody's Watching

TGI Fridays advertising

01.12.07 Photo's - Livermore Rover


Criminal Minds CBS - Matthew Gray Gubler  -- Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid

11.30.05 CM 110 The Popular Kids - needs review for links

12.21.05 CM 103 Won't Get Fooled Again - needs review for links possible links to CSI


01.11.06 CM 112 What Fresh Hell - girl missing



Tara Reid IMDb - ?

Dakota Fanning ?

01.21.06 KPIX 11pm  tip on internet ?

10.02.05 CC 302 The Promise ?

Carol Doda - Wikipedia

Video Camera - Tripod

12.03.05 SNL - Dane Cook Shakira - Shannon Cook arrested - Jerry Springer Fan

'Jerry' fan jailed for neglect
21/01/2006 21:16 - (SA)

Check Owens disappearances Mitchell - 22 years ago and recent missing child

Related Articles 01.21.06
Springer shows serious side

Jesus vs Jerry Springer

Threats after Springer show

Wheaton - A woman in the United States has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for leaving her three young children at home on their own while she attended a taping of "The Jerry Springer Show".
Earlier this week, Shannon Cook, 25, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment.
In addition to the sentence, she has been placed on probation for a year.
DuPage county assistant Illonois state attorney, Joseph Ruggiero, said: "It was an appropriate sentence, given what she did." The Illinois department of children and family services has placed the children - all under the age of four - in foster homes. US police said Cook left the children alone at her suburban home October 19, when she and her boyfriend went to Chicago for the Jerry Springer taping.
Five hours later, the two oldest knocked on the door of a neighbour, who called police.
Cook was arrested when she returned home - after midnight.
According to a police report, she said: "I didn't think I'd be gone that long."

Lou Rawls recent death - Lou Reed Jump Link not sure false death notice circulated by May 7, 2001 ? The quotation from Madeleine Albright tipped some people off to the fact that the e-mail was a hoax

Kathleen Aiello Lorick - Frasier

Aylla - Wendy's chili finger


Reed - middle school Missouri - may have link anna vuori

Walter Reed - military - medicine WRAIR - singular



Teacher Arrested for Sex With Student
Sunday, January 23, 2005

CALIFORNIA A 33-year-old Redwood City teacher has been arrested after DNA tests confirmed that a former student fathered her 2-year-old baby when he was 16-years-old.

Rebecca Boicelli (search) was arrested Thursday on three charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor and statutory rape, Redwood City police said. Boicelli faces up to five years in prison.

The Menlo Park woman is being held on $500,000 bail at the San Mateo County jail. She had worked as a substitute teacher at several schools in the Redwood City Elementary (search) School District.

Boicelli met the boy while teaching at the district's Opportunity School, when he was in middle school. The boy at the time was just 14.

Students have reported seeing the two together often. A custodian also told authorities he saw the pair kissing. And the boy's mother claimed Boicelli had given her son pornographic material.

Police began investigating Boicelli in March after another teacher reported odd behavior between her and the student.

The father is now 18-years-old and has since dropped out of school.

(Story continues below)

Teacher charged with having sex with 16-year-old boy

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

(02-26) 01:50 PST WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (AP) --

A high school teacher has been charged with having sex with a 16-year-old student during what the boy described to police as a five-month affair.

The 31-year-old Northgate High School teacher, Lynna Lea Weusthoff, was charged Monday with one felony count of unlawful sex with a minor.

Weusthoff began helping the boy with his studies last spring, according to court documents, when in July their relationship became sexual. They kissed at a movie, went to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and had dinner on the town in Concord, the court records show.

For the boy's 17th birthday, Weusthoff allegedly took him and his friend to the San Francisco strip club "Boys Toys" and gave them money to tip the strippers.

The boy also told police that he frequently had sex with the teacher, as many as 20 times, at his apartment before his mother came home from work.

Weusthoff's husband eventually called the boy's mother to say her son was spreading rumors about his wife. The boy eventually told his mother he was having sex with his teacher. The boy's mother then called police.

Weusthoff lawyer, Elizabeth Grossman, said her client was cooperating with the prosecution and expects to resolve the matter quickly.

"My client's primary concern is to minimize further upset for the involved student or her own family," Grossman said.



Complex Links

07.19.05 Current Affair - 07.05.05 George Allen Smith Murdered on Cruise Ship

07.19.05 reference additional segments on Current affair Jennifer Rivera 08.31.05

1984 - links Van Halen "Hot for teacher"  - George Orwell

Jennifer Rivera - 95 Congress Ave.




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