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10.21.05 American Airlines Flight 570 Tires Blow - CSI
Takeoff Aborted

An American Airlines flight from Dallas to Omaha blew two tires on the runway during takeoff Thursday night and the takeoff was aborted.

The flight was American 570 from Dallas-Fort Worth to Omaha.

The pilot aborted the takeoff and maneuvered back to the runway.

There were 135 people on the plane at the time and one of them was Omahan Amy Scanlon.


She told us, "I'm in the 9th row. You could tell the tires had blown because we instantly tilted down and the plane started going out of control. There was a lot of jerking and noise and it was obviously very loud but the pilot really came through and held it on the runway."

Both flat tires were on the right side of the plane.

No one on board was injured but several runways were shut down.

The passengers later continued on to Omaha, arriving around 10:30.

Actress and Nebraska native Marg Helgenberger was among those on board.

She put the incident in perspective saying, "There were a couple of soldiers that were coming back from Iraq and they started laughing because compared to what they've seen, this seemed like child's play."

There was no initial word on what caused the problem.




It appears as if there was very little news coverage of this incident just KPIX AM news on 10.21.05 

Net search yielded few results as of 10.22.05




10.18.05 LLS Melina Kanakarerdes (Greek) & Steve Robinson (NASA) - "Rubber neckers" "There's something Wrong" - "Akron Ohio tire factories used to be rubber capital of the world"

Uncle designed gloves for the first space suit while working for BF Goodrich.


8.14.05 Helios 737 Crashes in Grammatiko Greece Flight ZU522

10.21.05  America Airlines flight 570 right side tires blew out

9.21.05 Jet Blue Makes Emergency Landing At LAX Due To Landing Gear Problems - CSI

10.21.05 Marg Helgenberger from CSI aboard flight 570 - "Just the Rims"

9.21.05 Jet Blue Makes Emergency Landing At LAX Due To Landing Gear Problems - CSI

10.21.05 Omaha Castelar & 19th St. Alisa Sanchez suffered a gun shot wound  -  Decoded "Castelar" = "Star Cast" - links StellarKraft - Stellar in flight link ?
10.21.05 Omaha Nebraska - Driver Daren Lang hit police officer Paul Lawson while he was directing traffic - Links DL 10.13.05 Lawson - Lawson file local - pending

Police officer Dragged - 10.17.05 -

10.21.05  Omaha Nebraska - Terry Baudendistel charged with felony motor vehicle homicide at 36th and Cornhusker in  Bellvue on Tuesday 10.18.05
10.20.05 CSI - Gum Drops Omaha - Pink Bicycle - Symbolic link Marg Helgenberger - Just happened to be heading to Nebraska  - Drag Lake Camera ?
10.21.05  Omaha Nebraska - Terry Baudendistel charged with felony motor vehicle homicide at 36th and Cornhusker in  Bellvue on Tuesday 10.18.05
10.23.05 Nigerian Airplane Bellview Airlines Crashes

05.09.07 OPRA - nice links - Thnaks



Jet blows tires on takeoff

GRAPEVINE, Texas -- An American Airlines jet aborted takeoff Thursday afternoon from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport after blowing at least two tires.

Flight 570 was bound for Omaha, Neb., when the incident happened, American spokesman Tim Kincaid said.

Nobody on the MD-80 was hurt. The jet carried 130 passengers and a crew of five, Kincaid said.

Live TV coverage after the jet had stopped showed the right wing appeared to be listing while on a runaway area and surrounded by emergency vehicles.

Passengers deplaned via stairs and were bused to the terminal. Arrangements were being made to put the passengers on another flight to Omaha, he said.

"It was on its takeoff run. It had not left the ground," Kincaid said, adding that the plane had "a couple of blown tires."

A 35-minute delay at the gate before the jet departed, to fix a minor fuel leak, was not related to the blown tires, according to Kincaid.

Copyright 2005 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

KRISTV.COM - no dates on news web pages ?





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