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06.12.06 Judge Chuck Weller Shot By Sniper In Reno Nevada


Judge Shot At Courthouse In Reno Police Search For Sniper

June 12 - A family court judge was shot and wounded as he stood near a third-floor courthouse window Monday, and police were looking for man suspected in a slaying across town who had appeared before the judge in a divorce case.

Investigators said Darren Roy Mack, a suspect in a killing reported at a Reno apartment building was a "person of interest" in the shooting at the courthouse earlier in the day, Reno Deputy Police Chief Jim Johns said.

Judge Chuck Weller was hit in the chest around midday by a shot or shots that came through his office window at the Mills B. Lane Justice Center, and police sealed off the area and searched nearby parking garages for a sniper.

Police also reported that a bomb-sniffing dog had alerted officers to the judge's car in the court's parking garage and that a bomb squad was investigating.

Weller, 53, was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where he was reported in serious but stable condition.

"He is conscious and talking with his family," police spokesman Steve Frady said.

Mack, a Reno businessman, had a connection to both the judge and the family court, through a recent divorce case, Johns said.

"We do not have enough information to say he is a suspect" in the shooting of Weller, Johns said.

"He had recent dealings with the judge and the family court section. ... It is an obvious connection we are obviously going to investigate," he said.

The victim in the homicide had not been identified.

Weller was shot in the chest "at least once" by a "high velocity projectile, possibly a rifle," Johns said.
06.12.06 Judge Chuck Weller Shot By Sniper In Reno Nevada
  06.14.06 Moraga


  06.16.06 KGO 5pm Judge Charles "Chuck" McGee "U" - 2CG bot


Sean Murray as Timothy McGee

09.20.05 NCIS 301 Kill Ari pt1 - sniper

09.27.05 NCIS 302 Kill Ari pt2 - sniper


  06.16.06 Columbine - breaking ground Dawn
06.12.06  San Francisco Police Fajita Gate Civil Suit Settled
05.15.06 CSI M 424 Rampage - Kari Matchett - court room shooting & sniper
06.12.06 TPC  Hannah VS Bucanewgen - links to 323 Gallery - Judge Judy Links
  08.31.06 Driving "Rampage"



09.04.06 CSI M 424 Rampage  -  Kari Matchett - reference 09.04.06 LLS Christina Milian Timothy Olyphant comedian - "Chuck"


  Canadian shooting "rampage" (pending)


09.19.06 SMIT 101 Pilot - "Pittsburg"

05.15.06 Shooting At The Pittsburg Superior Court Parking Lot

check date of production or completion

09.24.06 CC 401 Rampage - mall shooting - Colorado school shooting (pending)

11.23.06 SHRK 108 Dial M For Monica  -  Kari Matchett links  

02.24.07 48 Hours Caught in The Crossfire
02.25.07 CC 401 Rampage - mall shooting - 02.14.07 - Salt Lake City Shopping Mall Shooting Shooting Rampage


05.15.06 Shooting At The Pittsburg Superior Court Parking Lot




Mac links to CSI New York cast member Mac Taylor - 09.19.06 SMIT 101 Pilot has chartered similar in appearance to CSI N Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper))

06.12.06 Fajita Gate Civil Suit $41,000

06.19.06 ML - Michael possible link - Jeff

06.28.06 DL Robert Downey Jr.; actor Fred Willard; Martha Wainwright "Pins" July 2nd - Scanner Darkley - Links Charles Schwab "Chuck" commercials

Apple news 07.06.05 KPIX am Apple investors Lawsuit over stock options

04.15.05 N3 109 Sniper Zero - possible link



06.13.06 Kmart commercial
Levitz "Clock Work"

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