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Mind Crime 1

Thrush - An inflammatory disease affecting mouth, tongue and lips. Characterized by a milky white coating, puss, yeast. Considered a fungal infection (Candida Albicans). Commonly found IN everyone's body. Often overlooked and misunderstood by the medical community. What you have not been told by your doctor is THRUSH is part of an elaborate systemic control system to adversely affect your physical & mental health. One of the first things your doctor says to you is stick out your tongue and say Ah! When he does tell him I am tired of the lies. Take Control!   


King B 

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Donald Graham photography     

 Originally titled Red Line

Transmatter Control Agent
Chemical Saturation    





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Tansmatter Control Agent
03.31.99 The Matrix
08.01.99 Post Graduates Medicine The Medical Impact Of Bio Terrorism - WTC Structures picture symbolism of seepage or saturation. - reference Chemical Saturation
11.22.02 Die Another Day Madonna - Symbolism of transmatter - a controllable heat substance present in the body. (reference Carl Gustav Jung)

05.25.06 DL Halle Barry Jesse James

08.01.03 The Secret Lives of Dentists  reference Secret Lives of Dentists Movie Info Vernix Video

04.17.04 Vrernix Video 3mb


WASHINGTON — Wilma Rudolph, track and field legend, was honored today when the U.S. Postal Service issued a twenty-three cent definitive postage stamp recognizing her achievements.
04.25.04 Mark Cuban selling "Pfizer"
05.23.04 Saturn had their ION Korrekt - The above Mind Crime street sheet flier was originally code named Red Line____.

01.12.05 Jimmy Kimmel interviews Elizabeth Rohm from Law & order. You'll find Rohm products in you local hospital and possibly your body (a doctor won't tell you that or any of this other stuff.) Rohm Inc. is a suspect. Elizabeth Rohm is a little suspicious with "pizzetts (zip it) "pigs blanket" (hot dogs wrapped in dough = humans wrapped in stuff).

Were guessing at the hidden meaning, maybe it was the way she said Oliver Platt, it sounded like plaque, tensions were high so were probably on track. We will give her the sixth degree later.

01.13.05 Tylenol Read The Label Korrekt

01.25.05 Ronald Reagan Aidssination Of A President "Capstone"  - clip is easier to control by pressing the play // pause button go at your own pace - segment  timing was almost impossible during editing - blame on controllers Dell & Microsoft  for the difficulty. We'll  fix it later   -   05.12.07 notified  AVAC


Candida albicans - Wikipedia


Kaiser Permanente (per man an entity)

Kaiser associates their advertising campaign with symbolism from Mind Crime !


01.27.05 Kaiser Permanente Thrive  =  Thrush

02.16.05 Lamisil Dermatophyte

Dermatophyte - Wikipedia

02.23.05 Las Vegas - Memory problems - "What Happens In Vegas Stays Here"
03.27.05 ER >1

Chemical Saturation

Mind Crime 1

02.14.07 EB Clorox Labs"SAM"

03.27.05 ER >2

Chemical Saturation

Mind Crime 1

02.14.07 EB Clorox Labs"SAM"

03.27.05 The pink er logo on the right is an opposite (inverse or negative) color image of the er in green. Example - red's opposite or often termed highlighted or selected color (computer) is aqua blue & pink is green . Possibly symbolizing a communist money & information pool? The control agent or substance is white in color. Reference Transmatter Control Agent & Nanotechnology & Programmable Matter

03.27.05 er  Tongue Check  >1  >2

Fatal  Error   The Stuff  "BA" ?

The Krystal Company "BA"

Constant C Productions -

Formed by Michael Crichton -

02.14.07 EB Clorox S.A.M

07.12.05 Dave Navarro - Constance
07.26.05 Burger King Coq Roq Chicken Fries - "Shut Your Beak"

Romanthony The Ministry Of Love - "No Talking"

04.14.05 Sin City - Abigail  IMDB info Sin City (2005)

04.15.05 House Of D - David Duchovny from X Files cast Dana Scully, Fox Mulder & Walter Skinner  - these names will clue you in to what might be going on in your smoldering body. - we haven't see House of D, but respect Duchoveny for his efforts in uncovering a true X life episode.
04.16.05 Tilex Scream Commercial - I think the reality of this television ad is "dogs" are pissed off about the truth of mold being told and the unveiling of control. If you ruled the dog world you would be screaming mad too, intimidating all would be dogs from talking. (Shauny B)
04.25.05 Milk Commercial PMS

04.28.05 CSI L 521 Committed

05.06.05 Crash
05.05.05 WAT 321 Off The Tracks (video rerun date 08.25.05)
05.08.05 CC 222 Best Friends St. Abigail's
05.12.05 Quentin Tarantino's  Solution on the David Letterman Show 5.12.050 regarding writing and directing the crime scene investigation season finally CSI L 524 Grave Danger 05.19.05

05.14.04 Jimmy Kimmel  learns that he's saturated  a lot like sponge bob (it wasn't Advil that did that, it's happened to Shawn at Korrekt) 05.15.05 Jimmy Kimmel follow up Korrekt  Jimmy's face looks subtly similar, to what happened to  Victor Yuschenko's face most likely the same substance. No wonder why the nurses don't want Jimmy to take pictures. after post 06.04.05 Tylenol recalls Children's acetaminophen

05.17.05 Sutter Health unzipping it, interesting they use the term correct 3 times. Angram the names in this ad what a harvest - pending.

05.22.05 Saturday Night Live  Woomba

05.23.05 Aqua Fresh Extreme Clean U'r  tongue




05.25.05 Amber Frey Witness For The Prosecution CBS

05.26.05 Philips Sonicare White Suit Plaque

05.30.04 Captain Morgan's

05.21.05 Comcast Ah!

05.23.05 Jimmy Kimmel taking on the real enemy, flying plaques on the ABC special Nick & Jessica's Tour of Duty

05.23.05 Kaiser Permanente One Eye Black Bald
05.26.05 - 1-800-DENTSIST reference 06.21.05 AFI John Voit - The God Father
06.06.05 Imitrex Ah!

06.08.05 Motrin Head & Shoulder Knees & Toes - compressed white stuff in your head - symbolized by sheet rock - plaster. Synopsis "Dandruff" is causing your aches and pains.


News Link

06.13.05 after post Drywall "Don't Trash California" Load

06.08.05 Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo, dry itchy scalp it seeps from the inside.  

06.17.05 Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - Behind the Scenes Moment "Crazy Horses"


Osmonds - Crazy Horses  - Do big teeth get lots of plaque ?

06.18.05 RIZE - commercial (rise - related  baking yeast leavened)

06.21.05 LLS David LaChapelle

04.30.05 WAT 216 Risen - Cult Mind Control - Vial

06.20.05 David Letterman gets thrown from a horse ? - A reminder to take the love train next time Dave.
06.21.05 The Stuff - Control - This is more than a video game it's real life control. supporting evidence of the existence of mind control.
06.21.05 AFI John Voit - The God Father "Horses Head" - Spain ? reference 05.26.05 1-800-DENTSIST
06.21.05 Billy Corgan - Future Embrace Commercial

06.22.05 Jefferson awards "She found away to feed them - There's this engine inside me..."


reference exhaust gasses - Mind Crime THRUSH (above).

06.30.05 Mexico issue racial postage stamps Mexico's President Fox apologizes
07.05.05 CA Australian Surreal Tongue Twist Beer Commercial
07.06.05 VW House Declared A Toxic Waste SiteVolkswagen toxic house and a new car. I was wondering what is going on in my neighborhood. ?
07.10.05 Viactiv Notice the white surrounding the ladies in the commercial symbolic of transmatter. X ?
07.12.05 RS JD - California Dreaming - (color of the sky)
07.12.05 Dave Navarro - Constance - reference 03.27.07 on the timeline
07.12.05 White suit "Head to Toe" (reference Mind Crime text) to symbolism - car keys - exhaust. "Close your eyes" - One eye closed (reference) Mind Crime picture.
07.16.05 Dodge Commercial
08.02.05 - Nivea reshaping Treatment - Exhaust stored in your calves - The Grid
08.03.05 Colgate Max Fresh Cinnamint with Mini Breath Strips

08.03.05 Colgate Wax Disco Satanic Burst Mix

08.05.05 Larry Krueger Accused Of Making Racial Comments - The questionable statements included  "Brain dead Caribbean hitters hacking at slop nightly" and  " have a manager in Felipe [Alou] whose mind has turned to Cream of Wheat"
08.07.05 The United Negro College Fund
08.09.05 Sin City DVD Yellow Bastard - reference YOU / U

04.14.05 Sin City - Abigail

08.10.05 Close to Home
08.10.05 Valiant "Is this what you had in mind" - reference Queensryche (audio)
08.16.05 RS TY "Nothing I can say to you" - Brilliant you did stick out your tongue 3 times though,  I don't know what that about"
08.23.05 Weight Watchers "The MIndset" - two years later were still standing on the edge of know wear - On 05.01.02 Jenny Craig, Inc., was acquired by ACI Capital, a New York-based private investment firm, and MidOcean Partners, a New York and London-based private investment firm. On 06.19.05, they announced to sell the company to Nestlé for $600 million, a small price to pay to keep a multi trillion a year dollar secret, maybe it pays to sing. Mindset,  is that all it takes.  Time to pick up the Stixx at Nestle. - reference The Stuff - 08.15.05 60 Min Ventriloquist - Nestle
08.25.05 Big Brother - Beau
08.28.05 Fall out Boy Sugar We're Going Out Swinging
08.28.05 MTV 10 Spot commercial be careful when they pull the Strings for strings attached reference Being John Malkovich
08.28.05 Pussy Cat Dolls -Busta Rhymes "Don't Cha"
08.28.05 CBS Martha Stewart Special - ATI  recorded it then failed to save it as recording was stopped - need replacement. note - file recovery not possible.

Crane - paper flier - jail sentence

08.28.06 MTV music awards Dane Cook
08.29.05 Playtex - Thank YOU for the underwear  - kick-n it on the tongue
09.06.05 Pet Smart - reference
09.06.05 Annie comes to town "Leaping Lizards It's a Hard knock life"


05.03.07 CSI L 722 Leapin Lizards -  04.26.07 CSI L 721 Ending Happy

09.07.05 CBS Mondays - Ad Design - Give me the signal

09.07.05 Fashion Rocks Poppy Montgomery From Without A Trace & Mark McGrath


Ad Design

Queensryche - Donald Graham Photography

09.07.05 RS INXS
09.09.05 - Head to toe chocolate body wrap
09.09.05 Verizon V Cast Shaquille O'Neil - grid Background - reference 05.19.06 Bausch & Lomb
09.09.05 DL James Blake Injury & Herpes Zoster
09.11.05 Programmable matter is what causes most peoples problems when it comes to drugs and addictions.  Someone at the Partnership for a Drug Free America knows this.
09.14.05 Coors Light - "Give me that bottle - It's ok I'm a Doctor"
09.14.07 Coor Light Love Train - snow reference Snow Dogs (Dentist)
09.16.05 Glaxo Smith Kline  Infectious Disease - snow reference The Stuff

12.25.06 Adidas - Impossible is nothing

09.16.05 GSK Type 2 Diabetes
09.17.05 - Annie the musical tomorrow was almost gone the next day. They didn't stay in town long. I guess the above post shortened their stay. I could tell by the most recent commercial that they looked unhappy.
09.17.05 Target My Shadow and Me  reference


10.06.05 Daisy & 11.14.05 Chloe - Nanotechnology & Programmable Matter

09.17.05 Campbell's Soup (color combination)
09.25.05 CC 301 Family - Class of '88 - Abortion "Fix It" - Laura Graham

09.26.05 Staples I couldn't get Pam so I got Graham


reference 05.13.07 60 Min Willard Mitt Romney  

Former Massachusetts Governor & Staples CEO

09.26.05 Don Adams From Get Smart Died At The Age Of  82
09.26.05 Staples - Get Graham   reference 05.13.07 60 Min Willard Mitt Romney (Staples Creator)
09.28.05 Stanford University Commercials "World Class Dive" - Links

Donald Graham photography

09.29.05 Oral B Triumph - Plaque back - peel it back

10.02.05 Grey's Anatomy Shonda Rhymes -  "One burst - Judy doll heads"




The Matrix Concord

08.03.05 Colgate Wax Disco Satanic Burst Mix

10.03.06 Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to Barry Marshall & Robin Warrens - "No one believed us" - Based on current medical beliefs  I am surprised by the disbelief all though not for the same reason that others disbelieved. Your personal trial and error test of cause and effect is missing a critical factor a controlled or variable chemical present in the bodies tissue,  excluding this agent from your study ulcerates Marshall & Warrens discovery. As they say garbage in garbage out. - reference Chemical Saturation
10.04.05 NCIS - Mind Games
10.05.05 California Political Advertising - ad design link Mind Crime
10.07.05 American Cancer Association "Gail"
10.08.05 Burger King Jo - Nut & Bolt


04.24.03 Nuts And Bolts: Household Dust Is A Fact Of Life

10.10.05 Oil Of Olay - "I let stress get under my skin - Take the heat" - reference KPIX News  Roberta Gonzalez (likeness) - heat & skin
10.11.05 EA Sports - Rockets - symbolizes control
10.11.05 Milk commercial Mike Barbosa "It's Not Rocket Science"  - (00:20 Shon)

Chemical Saturation can increase body weight - size and shape as well as control strength and endurance

10.13.05 Dave Laden "Caught"  the term laden means loaded - reference Chemical Saturation  can increase body weight - size and shape as well as control strength and endurance

10.14.05 Good Night, and Good Luck. (2005) IMDb

Good Night, And Good Luck. Film Site


11.18.05 Jack In The Box
11.18.05 DL John McCain Carla Gugino
11.19.05 WAT 303 Light Years Original Airdate: October 14, 2004.

- Reference Mind Crime 10.14.01

12.30.05 Emily's Reason Why Not Staring Heather Graham - cancelled quickly the series must have been good.
01.06.06 Tliex - you should think about killing the mold in here
01.16.06 Citibank commercial "Say Yes" (poster on train)
01.16.06 Kaiser Permanente - "Change and the world changes with you"

Transmatter Control Agent - Saturation (convertible chemical)

01.16.06 - "You want to fight" - Fight Mold
02.27.06 Volkswagen "Representing Deutschland - Snap"
10.14.01 Mind Crime "Thrusher"
02.27.06 Volkswagen Jason - "You Got a F"


05.15.06 TNAOOC 111 Exile On Lame Street The New Adventures Of Old Christine - 03.13.06 TNAOOC 101 Pilot

Colors based on the Mind Crime 1 & Saturation Flyer

04.11.06 1800 DENTIST - Josie
04.17.06 Lamisil Result On The Bottom That Work There Way To The Top


08.01.03 The Secret Lives of Dentists  - 04.17.04 Vrernix Video 3mb
05.03.06 Lunesta Commercial - reference Chemical Saturation - Chemical Light

05.03.07 CSI L 722 Leapin Lizards

05.09.06 Fatal Contact ABC
05.19.06 LLS Nick Lachey Mia Maestro Nick Lachey getting in trouble edit for lyrics in the his new song --- I've been dying inside Little by little No where to go But going out of my mind In endless circles Running from my self until You gave me a reason for standing still Cause I want you And I feel you Crawling underneath my skin Like a hunger Like a burning To find a place I've never been Now I'm broken And I'm faded I'm half the man I thought I would be But you can have what's left of me It's falling faster Barely breathing Give me something To believe in Tell me it's not all in my head.
05.19.06 Bausch & Lomb fungal eye infection  grid background  - reference 09.09.05 Verizon V Cast Shaquille O'Neil - Mind Crime previous design
02.01.06 Dodge Voodoo - What Is This Stuff - reference The Stuff
12.25.06 Adidas - Impossible is nothing "Your a fool - it fools you because you that was about me"
03.13.06 Milkyway Commercial
The Stuff
The Man
John Tucker Must Die
02.08.06 Curious Gerorge
40 Year Old Virgin 
01.14.07 The Good German (2006) IMDb - The Good German

George Clooney

06.22.07 Korn
pending Minority Report
Click Pictures & links for Video - It's puzzling - the pieces fit.

08.24.05 Mind Crime THRUSH - flier originally titled                                   Red Line       The New Rush

Please be careful what you write regarding mold and fungus or possibly...


Fatal  Error



10.04.05 NCIS 303 Mind Games

03.02.06 CSI L 616 Up In Smoke - Mold Heat

05.15.06 TNAOOC 111 Exile On Lame Street

12.03.06 CC 410 Forever Blue






My real name isn't Bob, it's Saturation. Korrekt's flier created our popularity and possibly us -- pending investigation. 'm Patrick,  I'm not really a star fish. I'm a tongue. Please don't forget how to use it. Visit our "Creators" tell your friends.






The Passion Of The Christ

Keith Barry  Extraordinary Second   Sight   From   A "Mind Control Expert"


"It's not a cover up!"

90%  of  household  dust truth uncovered    >Lab<

A Beautiful Mind

If all  homes  have  mold so does your body  (CLX)  


The Constant Gardner (R)

Possible  connection  to  the cause  of  hurricane  Katrina


No   need    for   a    Zoe Implant.     You   already have   a  similar  &  more powerful  one.  See  The Final Cut Trailer  &  BJM

Homers Under Control !

Sounds    more     like    a cracking    sound       than paper shredding.  Is this a threat,    an    answer    or what's going on at offices around   the  world.   The WTC   had   an   invisible substance in the building that  made  the   structure fail.


Korrekt Television

Psycho Sounding   

A   means   of   obtaining information      from     an individual's mind  without his   will   and  awareness

We  are  all   victims  of a  large  scale  study similar to this  information stated on a Russian website.

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These guys are talking about control.

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