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N3 201 Assassin 10.21.05 Run Dates

10.21.05 N3 201 Assassin

01.28.06 N3 201 Assassin

KPIX Oct 21 10:00pm 
Series/Drama, 60 Mins.

Charlie helps Don break a secret code found at a crime scene that could uncover a plan for the assassination of a Colombian exile, on "Numb3rs," Friday, October 21 (10:00-11:00 PM) on CBS. Elizabeth Peņa ("Suburban Madness") guest stars.

Don and his team find a suspicious code during a raid which Charlie determines is part of a secret plan to assassinate a Colombian exile living in Los Angeles. Bobby Roth directed the episode from a script by Co-Creators and Executive Producers Cheryl Heuton and Nick Falacci. (Previously scheduled for an earlier date)

Elizabeth Peņa guest stars as Sonya Benavides, Minister Counselor from Colombia.

Along with David Sinclair and new FBI Agent Colby Granger, Don discovers a secret code during a raid and enlists Charlie's help to crack it. Using an elaborate game theory model called "hide and seek," Charlie discovers that it is a plan for the assassination of a Columbian exile living in Los Angeles. Charlie and Megan combine their expertise and work closely together to try to prevent the murder from taking place.

Don Eppes -Rob Morrow
Charlie Eppes -David Krumholtz
Alan Eppes -Judd Hirsch
David Sinclair -Alimi Ballard
Larry Fleinhardt -Peter MacNicol
Megan Reeves -Diane Farr
Amita Ramajuan -Navi Rawat
Colby Granger -Dylan Bruno
Gabriel Ruiz -Jordi Vilasuso
Henry Korfelt -Christian Clemenson
Elsie Korfelt -Carol Locatell
Sonya Benavides -Elizabeth Peņa
US Marshall -Demetrius Grosse
Condor -Ray Proscia
Techie -Nick Roth
Warren Wells -Taso Papadakis
Agent #1 - Aaron MacPherson
LAPD #1 -Gary McDonald




10.22.05 Hit & Run In Concord Starbucks

10.27.05 Nayancy Gonzalez "Nay Nay" Shot by Boyfriend in San Leandro - Granger

10.31.05 Oakland Raiders Fan Shot By "Stray Bullet" On Sofa Larry Gamez - Pena



VW assault

Cafe 01:11

Methods of assassination -  Accidental

03:23 Renaissance - links Renaissance Coffee - Vineyard Shopping

03:46 J Walks in traffic - field work

04:05 agent Sinclair


05:06 Canal Unconscious

04:57Muscle Relaxer

05:02 David

05:23Condor  - Concord (?) 10.28.05 N3 Noisy Edge


10.22.05 Secrets and Lies on Grapevine Lake  - David Nixon

Heist Sign

06:30 Running down names

06:45 Randown  47 People

07:08 Drive Safely


Book Store - CIA Trains Foreign Assassins

Take my camera down there and try to tell their story 



Henry Korfelt -Christian Clemenson
Elsie Korfelt -Carol Locatell

6.01.05 Mark Felt reveals he is "Deep Throat"

10.28.05 DL John Stewart rerun - Sean Rosemond - Mongolian throat singing - light blue shirt



Tungsten Bullet