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10.20.05 WAT 404 Lost Time

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06.02.07 WAT 404 Lost Time

Originally aired: Thursday October 20, 2005 on CBS

Writer: David H Goodman
Director: Martha Mitchell
Show Stars: Poppy Montgomery (Samantha Spade), Eric Close (Martin Fitzgerald), Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Vivian Johnson), Enrique Murciano (Danny Taylor), Anthony LaPaglia (Jack Malone)

All Guest Stars: Roselyn Sanchez (Elena Delgado), Joshua Gomez (James Mackeroy) , Ashlee Gillespie (Skye Petersen), Eve Gordon (Marian Petersen), Justin Kirk (Thomas Beal), Don Swayze (Freddie Stone), Sarah Zimmerman (Carrie Litton), Brixton Karnes (Wayne Gorn), Michael McMillian (Paul Cartwright), Vanessa Lee Chester (Dori), Caitlin Martin (Britta), Pat Lentz (Cocktail Waitress), Jerry Weil (Roger Nance), Colin Fickes (Sean)

Seven years earlier, university professor Thomas Beal confessed to and was convicted of the murder of his student lover, even though no body was found. After Skye Petersen's backpack surfaces in a pawn shop and video surveillance shows it was dropped off by someone who looked remarkably like Skye would have if she had lived, Jack reopens the case, concerned that his investigative tactics seven years earlier led to Beal confessing to a crime he didn't commit.



Hudson -

Skye / Beal

Skye Peterson -  Sean


Middlesex 12min DOD Swayze like S bar - Donny Darko - Clyde Cold Case 10.16.05 Colors

Gorn balguy ref. DL weight lifter

Sean 20min correct interrogation

back pack picture numbers "whaded" (conversion alpha/numeric)  weighted

Be Wise 36m - 38m Paul Be Wise Bump Red CRX

married - Skye - Look A like 45m

Reference KPIX news 10.20.05 goth culture sign "Bo" - Horrowitz / Vitale / Dyleski ?


9.28.05 DL  Kate Hudson



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