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I  represent  your  skin there's lots of room for load  & stuff  to grow !



Magic  gas  keeps you warm   that's  Korrekt !

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is  it  eating  you  ?









Artist:The Police

Album: Ghost in the machine

Various Technological Malfunctions
Microsoft Conan O'Brien at CES "Remote Malfunction"
Voice Activated Remote Malfunction Strange Cable or is it a TV problem probably both.
Strange Cable or is it a TV problem probably both I hope our defense system is more reliable The Interpreter
Voice activated translator / Interpreter malfunction Future World
Remote Controls pending
Cell Phones pending
Ink Cartridges pending

Ice Cubes Spikes



What's causing these problems? answer Nanotechnology & Programmable Matter
04.30.01 Newsweek


      Sharper than the shear and it's truly is as sharp or sharper than a diamond. It cut's metal like it was cool butter.  This branch trimmer was working perfectly, cutting with easy, all of sudden it became difficult to open and close as I felt a rough grinding through the handles as I opened and closed the trimmer. Then all of sudden it was fine again.  I continued to trim a few branches then all of sudden the grinding again, then easy cutting, then grinding,  then easy cutting this continued for over an hour or so while I worked in the yard.

     After a several of these intermittent intervals I couldn't open it or close it. Then I could, then I couldn't then I could, then I almost bent the handles.  I decided to put some WD 40 on it, nope stuck open,  then stuck closed, then it would grind, then it wouldn't. I decided to take a closer look. As I loosened the bolt a lot of shinny little metal shavings fell on to the table top. I had some previous experience with brake rotors having the same problems, so, I am thinking harassment at this point, of course that needs further explanation. - I was just informed that the the spring broke in the dishwasher door,  it's time for this updated page. Those bastards.  - Anyway back to the shear you'll notice that the mating surface of the two pieces are real rough and groves have been ground in a circular pattern the surfaces should be smooth and burnished, almost polished, there was no debris or dirt present other than metal shavings.


Springs that don't spring binding snip joint's it's wise to know what causing the problem.  Weiss sells many new sheetmetal sheers because they just don't work like they did when they were knew, wait this one is new.
Switches that won't switch buttons that stick this saw is years old but rarely used it 's defective also take it back to the store they I can't remeber wher I even bought it=, but it's only been used a few times.
  04.24.06 Mobile Phone Replacement
  04.28.06 Cable Box Replacement
  05.02.06 Cable Box Replacement
  05.25.06 Microwave Oven Replacement
  06.22.06 Garage Door Opener Replacement
  07.19.06 Sprinkler Timer Replacement




The Passion Of The Christ

Keith Barry  Extraordinary Second   Sight   From   A "Mind Control Expert"


"It's not a cover up!"

90%  of  household  dust truth uncovered    >Lab<

A Beautiful Mind

If all  homes  have  mold so does your body  (CLX)  


The Constant Gardner (R)

Possible  connection  to  the cause  of  hurricane  Katrina


No   need    for   a    Zoe Implant.     You   already have   a  similar  &  more powerful  one.  See  The Final Cut Trailer  &  BJM

Homers Under Control !

Sounds    more     like    a cracking    sound       than paper shredding.  Is this a threat,    an    answer    or what's going on at offices around   the  world.   The WTC   had   an   invisible substance in the building that  made  the   structure fail.


Korrekt Television

Psycho Sounding   

A   means   of   obtaining information      from     an individual's mind  without his   will   and  awareness

We  are  all   victims  of a  large  scale  study similar to this  information stated on a Russian website.

About Control        >1  2<




These guys are talking about control.

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