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The Soldier Status Monitoring Operation pursued the concept of the INVINCIBLE SOLDIER. Facilitating technologies would include capabilities to:

  • Monitor soldier status
  • Enhance soldier performance
  • Predict soldier performance
  • Minimize soldier casualty

These capabilities in turn suggest five areas for research and development in the general field of soldier status monitoring. These areas are operational capability, casualty monitoring, casualty care, NBC detection and modeling methodologies.

Originally, the group suggested ten different objectives. It might make sense to group these into a large cluster of objectives that deals with biologically oriented projects involving direct interaction inside the soldier’s body, and a series of less invasive objectives. The less invasive objectives would include those labeled one to five and eight in the document to follow. Areas six, and seven comprise the invasive procedures.

The different target objectives have different time scales. These are as follows:

Objective Title Timescale

  1. Critical Laboratory and Pharmacy on the Soldier Long term to visionary
  2. Soldier Status Direct Monitoring Near term to long term
  3. Local Area Monitoring Near term to long term
  4. Soldier Performance Prediction and Virtual Near term to long term


  1. Active Water Reclamation Long term to visionary
  2. Enhanced Biological Interaction with the Soldier Long term to visionary
  3. Internal Data, Chemical, Communications and Visionary

Signal Processing (artificial systems within the soldier)

  1. Integrated Bioenergy Devices For Driving Sensors Long term to visionary


Objective 1: Clinical Laboratory and Pharmacy on the Soldier - Real Time Assessment and Intervention

Areas: Operational capability, NBC detection, casualty monitoring

General Idea: Soldier performance and status are related to a number of definable and measurable benchmarks. Additionally, external systems such as clothing and cooling can directly enhance operational capability.


Need-Driven Research:

Automatic monitoring and response to predetermined criteria (developing a set of standards for intervention)

Blood pressure stabilization

Advanced, dynamically reconfigurable, sensitive, robust sensors

Controlled release of pharmacological agents

Opportunity-Driven Research:

Develop clothing to stop bleeding, by artificial skin formation, compression/ constriction

Build pharmacy platform for release, with figures of merit

Critical Proof of Concept Demonstrations:

Assessing trauma in real time

Response to trauma in real time - blood pressure stabilization, skin patch formation, pharma dosing

Objective 2: Soldier Status Direct Monitoring: Biochemical, Physiological, Sensory and Psychological; Status Security

Areas: Operational capability, casualty monitoring, modeling

General Idea: Permit quantifying and measurement of markers for health, psychological and physiological well-being, sensory capabilities and operational functionality of the individual soldier. Also communicate with command after mortality.


Need-Driven Research:

System must be modular, compatible, open and dynamical architecture

Exact requirements for what must be measured and the accuracy with which the measurements are needed must be established

Components must be biocompatible

Ideally, the general chemical and biochemical framework should be established to permit development of new sensors for any given target within a two month period. Optical or electrical nano response seem obvious ways to do this.

Allow command to know if individual soldier has died

Opportunity-Driven Research:

Dynamic molecular recognition with signal transduction based both on implantable and surface technologies

Tissues to do artificial sensing (amplification of signals, entrained biosensors)

Develop novel molecules/new molecular categories/macromolecular recognition elements

Develop new sensors, on the two-month timescale for physical, biological and chemical markers

Integrate sensing with efficient automated secure communications with command

Critical Proof of Concept Demonstrations:

Demonstration of a wide array of simultaneous sensing capability, without interference

Match performance targets for signal/noise

Demonstrate that a single unified platform can be used for various analytes at the same time - for example, biotoxins and neuro transmitter levels

Demonstration of sensing within living systems

Objective 3: Local Area Monitoring

Areas: NBC detection

General Idea: To permit the soldier to be aware of any NBC factors within his perimeter, in real time and with appropriate sensitivity


Need-Driven Research:

Develop extremely sensitive and selective nanoscale sensors for all important N, B, C markers

Determine which factors need to be detected, and what sensitivities are required

Plume mapping for predictive capability and motion guiding in opportunity given research

Develop generic sensors that can be optimized to recognize threats that are not predicted

Single molecule detection

Chemical cascade detection

Sensors for acoustic or other types of weapons - non-molecular threats, including electromagnetics

Integrating sensing/modeling for prediction of threats – real time modeling

Critical Proof of Concept Demonstrations:

Detection at appropriate levels, in realtime atmospheric conditions

Detection in presence of interfering substances and NBC signals

Object 4: Soldier Performance Prediction and Virtual Prototyping

Areas: Operational capability, casualty monitoring and modeling

General Idea: Integrate specific data to evaluate overall capability and predict performance.


Need-Driven Research:

Establish minimal and maxima for performance - quantitative criteria

Collect and integrate data based on a wide-array of nanosensor structures

Integrate modeling capabilities to predict performance of individual soldiers

Opportunity-Driven Research:

Multi-parametric prediction algorithms, with realtime capability

Biomimetic data analysis, in computational and predictive algorithms

Critical Proof of Concept Demonstrations:

Performance based on animal modeling comparison with measurement

Implant nanosensors in animal testing

Demonstrate monitoring of critical status in living organisms, by nanosensor measurements and integrated data analysis

Objective 5: Active Water Reclamation - "Dune still suit"

Areas: Operational capability, casualty care

General Idea: Recycle water from biological body wastes, to provide recyclable water source.


Need-Driven Research:

Reduce necessity for soldier to carry water

Develop purification schemes of high efficiency

Develop delivery system for collection and storage of water

Balance electrolytes and hydration for individual soldiers

Opportunity-Driven Research:

Increase the amount of water reclaimed

High throughput nano-filtration

Quantitative estimates of amounts of water that can be reclaimed from various sources (sweat, exhalation, urine)

Critical Proof of Concept Demonstrations:

Demonstrate lack of dehydration in living organism with highly reduced added water

Objective 6: Total Sensory and Mechanical Enhancement (Biological)

Areas: Operational capability and modeling

General Idea: Utilize electrical, physical and electromagnetic, as well as biological, structures to enhance the native senses of the individual soldier


Need-Driven Research:

Widen observed visible and audible spectra

Dramatically increase sensitivity of senses within the individual soldier; provide maximum capabilities for information process and utilization

Dramatically increase physical capability

Advance spectral filtering methods (visual, auditory)

Opportunity-Driven Research:

Neuro functional implants

Spectral mapping (materials, frequency)

Integrated enhanced tissue, muscle, bones, tendons

Critical Proof of Conduct Demonstration:

Soft contact lense that does realtime spectral mapping

Enhance muscle performance over current human capabilities

Dynamical auditory balancing structure, to permit optimal hearing sensitivity over multi decibel range

Objective 7: Internal Data, Chemical, Communications and Signal Processing (artificial systems within the soldier)

Areas: Operational capability, NBC detection, casualty care, casualty monitoring and modeling

General Idea: This is a high risk, visionary program to develop internal measuring, monitoring, data processing and communications capabilities. It should all be integrated with the command structure, and function without requiring attention from the individual soldier.


Need-Driven Research:

Single transduction reception with the soldier and back to command

All components (implanted and native) must communicate, be transduced and link to command center

Develop pin-size, biocompatable nano computers that can transduce data from sensors, process and communicate with command

Onboard integration and control of sensing elements, without external manipulation

Biological input/output structures

Determine where placement of automatic monitoring/response structures within the body should be

Opportunity-Driven Research:

Molecular computing and communication - robust and effective data processing and communication using natural energy sources

Communication within the body and to external command and control

Computer assembly and/or implantation within the body

Institute biopolymer growth

Institute chemical delivery as required

Artificial therapeutic issues

Critical Proof of Concept Demonstrations:

Demonstrate patching of wounds/regeneration of tissues within accelerated timescales or hours or minutes

Demonstrate in-situ chemical delivery without external sources - integrate sensing and dosage

Demonstrate implanted miniature computers that can process signals, receive signals and transmit signals in living organisms

Demonstrate deep implant sensing physiological markers

Demonstrate capability of deep implants to process data and relay to external site

Objective 8: Integrated Bioenergy Devices For Driving Sensors

Areas: Operational capability, casualty monitoring and care

General Idea: Retain the energy generated by the individual soldier that would, otherwise, be lost.


Need-Driven Research:

Need molecular energy source to drive sensors

Utilize power generated by human activity

Opportunity-Driven Research:

Use of metabolites and chemicals to drive soldier systems

Use dynamic thermal gradients based on temperature differentials between the soldier body and the external environment to provide power as needed

Critical Proof of Concept Demonstrations:

Use fat, ion gradients, metabolites to power sensors

Demonstrate energy generation from thermal atmospheric/body temperature gradients in continuously functional device. Require "working fluids" that can work in elevated or reduced external temperatures





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