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Detail's Magazine - Influences readers with key word instructions on how to not be. Often popular with "Crackers"  Detail's dark, edgey,  vindictive,  hateful,  almost jealous let's not mention yet communist overtone with a disgustingly psychotic influence of left over fake blood from the film American Psycho saturating the pages of its wanabee sheik killer/spy magazine, it's cheese that needs to be cut. Although this particular article doesn't express why Korrekt feels the way we do about Details, hopefully we will get a chance to show some examples of Details Magazine writers knitting and word weaving of a different kind, they can sit in a corner with a dunce cap of corruption. This fashion tip is more like an instruction for insiders, sorry we have to sink to their level.

From Detail Magazine June - July 2005.

Lose the Ski Hat

The classic wool cap is a great look-for the slopes. But everything changes the minute you step in from the cold.


suck its soul dry until the remaining corpse is as pale as suburban Salt Lake City. The latest slice of

life to be crackered.? Call it whatever you like-skully, beanie, ski hat. All we see is a high-price

hairnet. The worst offenders are the Sherpa set, who insist on wearing wool caps. Indoors. In the

middle of summer. Hey, Nanook, this is SoHo, not Siberia. So unless your name is The Edge (or

you're pointing your prayer rug to Mecca), you're gonna want to take that doily off your noggin.


In the days of Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis, shaggy, hand-knit caps advertised a groovy bit of bohemian flair. These hats were symbolic: genius just barely tamed; a wild man making himself presentable.

Now who wears them? Every celebri-bot with a BlackBerry and porcelain veneers who's itching for a little grit. Straight outta Silverlake, crazy muthafucka named Timberlake. Yeah, right. Hey, Justin, haven't you heard? Your ghetto pass has been revoked. And Ashton, we know you've been pussy-whipped into Kabbalah, but that's no yarmulke. Enrique wears a crocheted model that would be more at home underneath Grandmaw's candy dish. And if Colin Farrell spent as much time wrapping the head in his pants as the one on his shoulders, he might not be shelling out child support.

"Basically, anyone who was ever in the Mickey Mouse Club is now walking around dressed as if they're a gangsta rapper from South Central," says style arbiter and author Simon Doonan. "It's a des­perate attempt to have street cred and avoid being perceived as a cheesy entertainer."

But still they come, ready to skulk to the next premiere-or knock over the local Git-n-Split. Singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw (the voice of One TreeHill) says his allegiance to the head ornament is purely cosmetic. "I think you look more handsome with it," he explains. "It borders your face and eyes. You can choose whatever color is proper for your skin tone. From artists to bank robbers, it's pretty universal." DeGraw pulls it off better than most. But until he set me straight, I assumed he was bald, or at least suffering from a little deforestation. Wear the shag rag too often and it looks like a not-so­stealthy way of ushering in those new plugs.

"I suppose it's good for people who don't have hair and want to hide the fact," says Michael Bragg, director of communications for natty clothier Thomas Pink. "But what happens when you walk into a restaurant? I mean, proper manners say you have to take off your hat."

Listen, you really want to cover your head with something nice? Get a haircut. If heredity has denied you that option, invest in a razor and a little Turtle Wax. Bruce Willis has been losing real estate since Die Hard, but even at 5o he can still find himself tongue-bathing Lindsay Lohan. (At least, that's what we'd like to believe.) And where is her ex, Wilmer Valderrama, the Poncherello look-alike with a laughable affinity for the brain cozy?

Alone. Ostracized. Typecast. And probably sob­bing quietly into his skully.




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We  are  all   victims  of a  large  scale  study similar to this  information stated on a Russian website.

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