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Thursday August 4th I was looking for a previously visited website in explorer history and came across a web page that was "visited", but I had never seen.  I am not sure how it got in the history, but  there are various possibilities.  I decided to take a look at the Jenn's world  and noticed a photo of a license plate that was titled "hehe - - - TPS Report" not sure of the meaning I decided to take a look.  I then searched  for the acronyms, nothing significant. Google yielded a website for a band named "TPS the report"

TPS the report ? Oregon / Washington   - "Ashish and Mesh" - Grid like - 1 song on site titled "Get Out".

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LLS 8.09.05 - "Get Out"

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TPS report - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Testing" - "Mindless paperwork" used on TV show "Lost"

The Grid - Halford Washington - "Test"

The the true meaning TPS pending,  we'll just assume Jen's happy about TPS "hehe - - - TPS Report" or is she reporting two males in this car ? What's she doing in Germany this week ? Just after my first visit to Jenn's world there was a posted link from an article in forbes magazine regarding remote controlled human beings (vestibular Stimulation) , I guess I had left a mark in someway.  

Today as I was driving home from dropping someone off I noticed a car parked in fromnt of a house that had an out of state plate from Washington that ended in "TPS" how synchronistic, no surprise at all. I decided to take a picture since this type of thing iis a regular occurrence, odds are ?, but with the vast amount of out of state plates in my area recently it's a little easier to create. The question is, is there any meaning to TPS and why are ther so many out of state plates in the area where I live (refference out of state) Take a look at the below pictures and read on.  


8.04.05 Jen's World mobile bloging website at  Jenn's world

8.04.05 Jen's World cached web pages  1  2

8.07.05 Concord California a few blocks from Korrekt's home base.
SONY T1          

Difficulties with photo's, a controlled camera makes it difficult to take a picture. It took 4 attempts to get the picture of this similar plate. The SONY T1 was set on auto, 5 mega pixel & flash off. The first two shots were at a very slow vehicle speed sometimes it works well, when allowed other times it is impossible to take a picture, when not allowed.  I had to return to the vehicle a second time. I pulled into the drive way directly behind the vehicle rested my arm on the top of the door of the vehicle I was in and then snapped the 3rd photo.  It was not correct either. I then pulled up directly behind the vehicle and finally got a good photo.

The person who took the photo at Jen's World probably got the photo on the first take. The SONY T1 is at least 5 times better a camera than the cell phone camera used to take the picture of the plate from Jens World.   By that time there were joggers and walkers staring at me as I pulled away from the vehicle after taking the fourth photo one foreign gentleman gave me a dirty look as I drove by him. 

I think that it was controllers are trying to create, inaccuracy and public suspicion, possibly giving "insiders" a warning of possible trouble for those who want to go undetected. The point is what are the odds of two cars with Washington plates both ending with the last three letters of "TPS" one picture probably taken in Washington (Space Needle photo by Barry) the other within 3 days from first looking at Jen's World website and being a few blocks from my house in Concord California.  It shows the work of something else some kind of network of control and placement.   I notice this regularly and document it when possible with photo's.



Jenns phone is somewhere in Fussen Germany this week from what her pictures blog travel $ ?

parallel names

Soap girls has a sight at there happens to be a plate that comes to mind in my neighborhood called soapldy ?

Lundmark / Red Devil TSP

DL 8.09.05 "Rear ender"  after Monologue Jen subtle ?


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Sounds    more     like    a cracking    sound       than paper shredding.  Is this a threat,    an    answer    or what's going on at offices around   the  world.   The WTC   had   an   invisible substance in the building that  made  the   structure fail.


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