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Five killed in Paris airport collapse


Last Update: Sunday, May 23, 2004. 11:21pm (AEST)

By ABC Europe correspondent Philip Williams and wires

At least five people have been killed and an unknown number of others injured after part of a roof collapsed at a terminal at the Charles de Gaul International Airport in Paris.

Rescue crews are still searching the rubble for any more survivors.

Passengers were ready to board flights to New York and Prague in terminal 2E when slabs of concrete crashed down.

It appears a section of the roof fell onto a boarding footway, which then collapsed onto airport services vehicles parked underneath.
Rubble has been spread around a 30 metre radius.

Police are among the dead.

Three hundred firefighters are now on the scene attempting to find any more survivors trapped in the wreckage.

Rescue workers are also on the scene with dogs searching through glass, concrete and metal and listened for anyone trapped underneath.

Speaking from the scene, fire brigade spokesman Laurent Vibert said: "Time is a factor. We have to get to the injured as quickly as possible."

"It seems to have happened very quickly, some people heard a noise before it happened.

Another firefighter said: "It's like a scene after an earthquake."

President Jacques Chirac expressed his condolences and demanded a thorough investigation.

Transport Minister Gilles de Robien, who visited the airport with Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin, ruled out the possibility it was a terror attack.

The terminal opened 11 months ago at a cost of $1.5 billion and is a major hub for Air France.

It opened late, partly because a commission at first withheld a safety certificate.

It is thought investigations will concentrate on the engineering and construction of the damaged terminal.



Airport collapse sparks homicide investigation

Last Update: Monday, May 24, 2004. 5:12am (AEST)

Prosecutors in France have opened an investigation into possible involuntary homicide after at least five people were killed when a roof collapsed at Charles de Gaulle airport, north of Paris.

Giant slabs of concrete, metal, and glass panelling came crashing down on a boarding walkway at the airport's Terminal 2E, crushing five people.

Authorities initially said the accident may have claimed six lives, but they are unsure because the dead remain pinned under the rubble.

The new terminal was inaugurated last June, amid delays caused by security concerns, and trade union accusations that management was rushing the completion deadlines for the building.



Airport roof collapse probes begin

PARIS, France -- Separate criminal and technical investigations are set to begin in France following the deadly collapse of a section of roof at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport.

At least five people were killed and three others injured when a massive section of a vaulted ceiling came crashing down Sunday.

Officials said Sunday a thorough technical investigation will examine the structure to determine how the collapse came about.

A separate inquiry will look at whether criminal charges should be laid over the deaths which resulted.

Slabs of concrete and metal came crashing down from the ceiling onto a seated waiting area at about 7 a.m. Sunday (0500 GMT/1 a.m. ET).

Part of the raised terminal structure then collapsed onto airport service vehicles underneath.

The collapse left a hole 50 meters (yards) by 30 meters in the long, tunnel-like building.

"It's like a scene after an earthquake," one firefighter said.

Officials said there was nothing to indicate a terrorist attack.

Hundreds of rescue workers rushed to the scene, and temporary hospitals were set up on the tarmac and inside the terminal.

Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin, inspecting the site, said there were five confirmed dead and "perhaps six." Officials earlier said six people were killed.

Hubert de Mesnil, director general of Paris airports, said all the dead were likely passengers, The Associated Press reported.

De Mesnil said there was "absolutely nothing" in the past to indicate a structural problem.

"It's the structure that gave way, the structure itself," he told reporters.

Police said they did not expect the casualty count to rise, after sniffer dogs indicated no one was trapped in the rubble.

"Luckily there was not too much traffic at the time of the incident," Michel Sapin, prefect of the local St. Denis community, told reporters at the airport.

Sapin said planes were arriving from the United States and Johannesburg and one was leaving for Prague at the time.

One of the injured was Chinese and another was from Ivory Coast, he said.

"It looks pretty bad out there," said Amy Haight, 30, arriving from Houston with her husband, Nelson, for a friend's wedding.

She said she saw the collapsed building and dozens of rescue vehicles as her plane landed.

"It's so sad, it's so scary. My God, we're so lucky," AP quoted her as saying.

A loud noise precipitated a crack in the terminal ceiling, and officials had been evacuating the area when the roof caved in.

"Some people heard cracks before the accident and there was concrete dust coming from the ceiling," said Paris airport authority chairman Pierre Graff.

"This was a very prestigious hall and it's a very hard day for us today."

One airport director had called Terminal 2E, with its arched roof and sleek design, the "pride of the airport."

The terminal was inaugurated June 25, nearly a month behind schedule because of construction problems.

Authorities evacuated the terminal, which is used by national carrier Air France and several other international airlines.

"We will adapt our flights depending on how long the terminal is closed. Today it is not too problematic as flight arrivals and departures are being pushed onto other terminals," Air France spokesman Jean-Claude Couturier said.

A nearby terminal, 2F, was still working, Fire Department Capt. Laurent Vibert said.

CNN Correspondent Jim Bittermann contributed to this report


Posted 1.05.05 2:07 am

Revised 1.05.05 2:07am



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