1995 BMW 325isa



Original Pictures (not available) - see video


1995 325isa Black on Black



5.03.04 Car Sex Survey
nail head
Portolet found in Bay
Mold Back Seat

Gassed  - Interior - similar to what is shown in the below commercial


the new 6 series  "Officially"


Crime Link

Kathleen Aiello Lorick

4.22.04 Civilians Attempt Saving Man In Burning Car

5.10.04 One Dead, Four Injured In I-680 Crash

5.14.04 SFPD Officer Arrested In Vacaville Sex Assault

5.15.04 SF Officer Arrested For Sexual Assault

6.02.04 More Sex Charges Filed Against Peninsula Coach





 Intensity break lights &

 LED's used as tail break lights - possibly