09.03.07 Adult Alikes - pending



11 Toxic Orchestra  - Jelly Fish That Is Why - Winger Headed For Heart Break
Felix Something For Porno


09.23.07 SHRK Links- your client's head bashed in "Would you like to see my private collection"

Mag Instrument, Inc


I only have 10 magazines if that.

That Is Why Lyrics reference Campbell Brown LG 95 same issue - NBC 09.03.07 Adult Alikes


07.08.07 Sean & Joseph Kids Blogg Problem

07.07.07> Mindshaker Meltdown - Lyrics


Alice In Chains Nutshell - Lyrics  > STD 

Vanessa Ferlito IMDb

Marg Helgenberger IMDb

The Dwarves Over You

The Dwarves Dominator

MLB Man Of Golden Words

Amy Poehler IMDb

09.09.07 Coors Visual Evidence

Monster Jam It's Over (submissive contrition an imposition of guilt - fits on you behalf) - Do it right next time around, If given the chance.

Big Bill 01.31.07 Billboard Marketing Stunt Scares Boston

Crazy > 02.11.06 Vice President Dick Cheney Accidentally Shot Harry Whittington  > Who Cares

10.01.07 HIMYM - adult magazine

10.04.07 CSI L - adult magazine


Tears For Fears Every Body Wants To Rule the World

09.23.07 CC 501 Thrill Kill Snitch

Michael Clayton $


Space Intro

09.24.07 Big Bill

09.25.07 results

tech support class action


10.17.07  Barbican Seduced Art Sex From Antiquity ABC - art adult (photography) concept has not come to fruition. - Barbican - Seduced Art and Sex from Antiquity to Now - Korrekt & Stellarkraft  creative conceptual (similarities - likeness) - Infinity commercials following webpage concept notes.  - Billy Idol Flesh For Fantasy  - 06.29.07 Infinity Glass - Insomnia - 10.01.07 Nissan Rogue

10.18.07 ABC KPIX DL - Mona Lisa eyebrow -  LLS  Skit 

10.19.07 TVFTB

10.17.07 TES Will Daily - youtube upload  Will Dailey Rise

Gone  VDNF > VDINT > Sweating Bullets > CO M1 CO M2

Carolyn Johnson KGO News
Tracy Smith CBS News
Snow > Snow Girl I've Been Hurt  
Campbell Brown NBC News

additional look alike - acquaintance 1994

Kelly Rippa Live With Regis & Kelly
Kim Coyle KPIX News
Brooke Burke
Almay Advertising
Jodie Foster

09.10.07 DL Jodie Foster - thanks (music)

02.04.07 State Farm

Meg Ryan

Lana Parrilla Swingtown CBS  
Jennifer Love Hewitt Ghost Whisper CBS

GWAR The Road Behind

Kelly Monaco General Hospital ABC
Bree Williamson One Life To Live ABC
Laura Wright General Hospital ABC
Amelia Heinle The Young And The Restless CBS
Kristen Alderson One Life To live ABC
Melissa Egen All My Children ABC
Jennifer Garner Alias ABC
Poppy Montgomery Without A Trace CBS
Poppy Montgomery Without A Trace CBS
Patricia Arquette Medium NBC
Katherine Heigel Grey's Anatomy ABC
Scarlett Johannson
Sandra Bernhard
Lisa Quinn

07.18.08 KGO am - pink

Jennifer Garner Alias ABC  
Jennifer Garner Alias ABC  
Jennifer Love Hewitt Ghost Whisper CBS

GWAR The Road Behind

Katherine Heigel Grey's Anatomy ABC
Scarlett Johannson

Tiger Army Devils Garden

Scarlett Johannson

Justin Timberlake What Comes Around Goes Around

Kim Coyle KPIX News
Lana Parrilla Swingtown CBS
personal acquaintances 2001

Winger Headed For Heart Break

09.03.07 DL - Trace

09.03.07 LLS - Campbell

more - depending

Several additional look alikes from film & TV - unrelated personally - probable industry links - additional personal alikes not TV related at this time.

07.18.08 Update