These guys are talking about control.

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11.15.05 Country Music Awards CBS  
Alabama 3rd Inductee to the Country Music Awards - The most successful band in country Music History.

Mark Joel Herndon 02:15 "I don't know whether to have a hot flash or turn to wax."  01:42 - 02:50 then music rudely ended thanks - possibly to avoid any mention of control or horizon award winner. Which happened to be Dierks Bentley.

Links Paris Hilton movie "House of Wax"

"House Foundation"

Tansmatter Control Agent - waxy substance - creates heat

Horizon Award Nominee's, Big Rich, Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, Dierks Bentley won the award.

11.09.05 Parris Hilton Boyfriend Hits Truck With A Bentley While Avoiding Paparazzi