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10.09.05 The Hunt for the BTK Killer - Dennis Rader CBS

Dennis Rader BTK

IMDb The Hunt for the BTK Killer (2005) (TV)



10.09.05 Robert Davis - Louisiana police brutality

"Because I Can"


10.05.04 received - power outage - (B) returned from Louisiana

9.22.05 - 9.28.05 Criminal Minds Z Car Cage Stutter "The Can"

10.12.05 Criminal Minds - Telephone Lineman Killer - soda can crush    Matrix

ARCO - Commercial





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10.10.05  R&K O'leary

Donald Martin

Tom Towler

Joey Campbell - Campbel Brown DL

McKenzi Scott - peterson

Stephen T Kay

Richard - tow link






The pivotal piece of evidence, the note relating to the floppy disk, is shown being found in the back of a truck at home depot, when it was actually thrown away at the employees home, but not disposed of. It was at their home that the evidence was found.



CSI Chloe - pending