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Out of Practice


Airs Wednesday 8:00pm on CBS (30 mins)

Originally aired Monday 9:30 PM

Status: New Series
Premiered September 19, 2005
Show Category: Comedy

OUT OF PRACTICE is a comedy about a family of doctors who share little in common other than their professions. The family consists of Ben Barnes, a couples counselor who is not considered to be a “real” doctor by the rest of the family; his brother Oliver, a good-looking, self-absorbed plastic surgeon; and sister Regina who works as a doctor in the emergency room. Their parents, Stewart, a gastroenterologist, and Lydia, a highly motivated cardiologist, are going through messy divorce. While Lydia’s career has eclipsed her soon-to-be ex’s, Stewart is dating his assistant Crystal, who is a patient of Oliver’s. With all of the chaos in this highly credentialed family, Ben appears to be the only grounded one.

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