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10.23.05 CC 305 Committed

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Committed (episode #51)
Originally aired: Sunday October 23, 2005 on CBS

Writer: Liz W. Garcia
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Show Stars: John Finn (Lt. John Stillman), Jeremy Ratchford (Det. Nick Vera), Kathryn Morris (Det. Lilly Rush), Thom Barry (Det. Will Jeffries), Danny Pino (Scotty Valens)

All Guest Stars: Sarah Brown (Josie Sutton) , Keri Safran (Young Nurse), Lauren Birkell (Zelda (1954)), Karen Zahler (Annie), Charles Robinson (Anton (2005)), Billoah Greene (Anton (1954)), Katie Chonacas (Claudia), Robin Weigert (Anna Mayes), Rebecca Lowman (Bettie), Susan Chuang (Frannie Ching), Matt Corboy (Terrence), Al Pugliese (Otis (2005)), Jake Johnson (Otis (1954)), Natasha Gregson Wagner (Carmen), Lauri Johnson (Nurse Olsen (2005)), Megan E. Whyte (Nurse Olsen (1954)), Diane Ladd (Zelda (2005))

In 1954, 9-year-old Otis Petrowski last saw his mother in a mental institution. Now over 50 years later, after the death of an elderly woman who had been using Otis' mother's identity, Det. Rush sets out to discover what happened to the boy's real mother.