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Armed & Famous


Armed & Famous TV com


Crew Star: Jack Osbourne (Himself), Trish Stratus (Herself), Erik Estrada (Himself), Wee Man (Himself), Latoya Jackson (Herself)

Guest Star: Officer Jami Brown (Herself), Officer Amy Kesler (Herself), Officer Scott O'Dell (Himself), Officer Damon Stovall (Himself), Officer Kyle Temple (Himself), Sergeant Rick Eber (Himself), Chief Joe Winkle (Himself), Sergeant Jay Turner (Himself)


01.10.07 A&F I Never Thought I'd Get Handcuffed by a Jackson

01.11.07 A&F 102 The Cats of Muncie They Have It Out for Me!

01.17.07 A&F If He Starts Pointing the Gun? Do What You Were Trained to Do