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N3 207 Convergence 11.11.05 Run Dates

11.11.05 N3 207 Convergence

02.17.06 N3 207 Convergence


Convergence (episode #20)
Originally aired: Friday November 11, 2005 on CBS
Writer: Nicolas Falacci, Cheryl Heuton
Director: Dennis Smith

Production Code: 207

Show Stars: Rob Morrow (Don Eppes), Peter MacNicol (Dr. Larry Fleinhardt), Navi Rawat (Amita Ramanujan), Judd Hirsch (Alan Eppes), Dylan Bruno (Colby Granger), Diane Farr (Megan Reeves), David Krumholtz (Charlie Eppes), Alimi Ballard (David Sinclair)

All Guest Stars: James Lancaster (Store Owner), Kent Karson (Man #2), Rebecca Boyd (Claire Bloom), Michael Maize (Warren (Demento) Gordon), Katie Flynn (Student #2), Devin Sidell (Student #1), Blake Berries (Man #1), Colin Hanks (Marshall Penfield), David J. Wright (Skinhead #1), Wayne Pére (Herbert Quilty), Cameron Dye (Roley), David A. Kimball (Maynard)

When a father is killed in a home invasion, Don and his team investigate the connection between the murder and a rash of robberies in the upscale community.







Cell Phones - used to track victims of home invasion & murder


10.06.05 WAT - Safe - Lance 41:00


01.02.07 N3 304 The Mole  - 20:00 references 12.29.06 N3 208 In Plain Sight references convergence Theory 11.11.05 N3 207 Convergence



11.15.05 Mega Lotto Winner $315 Million "Lucky 7" Kaiser Permanente Nurses