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CSI N 207 Manhattan Manhunt 11.09.05 Run Dates

11.09.05 CSI N 207 Manhattan Manhunt

05.21.06 CSI N 207 Manhattan Manhunt

09.22.07 CSI N 207 Manhattan Manhunt

KPIX Nov 09 10:00pm 
Series/Drama, 60 Mins.


"Manhattan Manhunt"
A serial killer evades capture in Miami and goes to New York with a hostage, so Mac teams with Florida officers to recapture the perpetrator and save his captive.


Cast: Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, Carmine Giovinazzo, Hill Harper, Vanessa Ferlito, Eddie Cahill, Ron Yuan, Anna Belknap, Anthony Zuiker, David Caruso, Robert Joy, Michael Gross, James Badge Dale, Kat Dennings, Evan Parke, Peyton List, Carlos Leon, Robyn Lively, Rick Hoffman, Alicia Coppola.

Director(s): Rob Bailey.
Producer(s): Jerry Bruckheimer, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Anthony Zuiker, Danny Cannon, Andrew Lipsitz.

Writer(s): Ann Donahue.

Original Airdate: November 9, 2005.




11.07.05 CSI M 407 Felony Flight - Part 1

11.09.05 CSI N 407 Manhattan Manhunt Part 2



Series: 'CSI: New York'
Episode Title: 'Manhattan Manhunt'
Episode Number: 207
Synopsis: "After escaping capture in Miami, serial killer Henry Darius travels to New York with a college student as his hostage in order to steal millions from her family's vault. Upon arriving, Darius kills a group of students in cold blood and leaves clues specifically for Mac of his whereabouts. Meanwhile, while in NY to assist on a case, Horatio is served with a subpoena when the newly appointed DA names him a suspect in an old murder case."
Original Airdate: November 09, 2005



Written By: Anthony E. Zuiker, Ann Donahue and Elizabeth Devine
Directed By: Rob Bailey

Guest Stars:

David Caruso as Horatio Caine
Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback
Michael Gross as Tom Endecott
James Badge Dale as Henry Darius
Kat Dennings as Sarah Endecott
Evan Parke as Albert Grafton/Big Al
Peyton List as Alexa Endecott
Carlos Leon as Vince Rosetti
Robyn Lively as Secretary
Rick Hoffman as Dr. Miles Feldstein
Alicia Coppola as Carmen Cavallo
Kandis Erickson as Paige
Andrew St. John as Dalton
Samantha Lockwood as Samantha
Lisa Canning as Lydia Johnson
Brian Lloyd as Window Washer
Alan Marco as Subpoena Server
John Dalesandro as Maitre'D
Damani Roberts as Adam







ENTEK Hat Black

Pharma Party

Blue Yellow Black Tartan

Harten (N) - Cab Pen - Have my own

Horatio Caine in New York

Alexa Endecott

Henery Darius

Subway Scene Knife in the neck

Dr. ? Patient Confidential Info - Competency Info


Fabric ?



28:00 Bump on nose

30:00 Black & White Box - dots EN

38 min approx Ferrari almost hits truck - 11.09.05 Parris Hilton Hits Truck While Avoiding Paparazzi

42:00 - shovel - poss link turn of the screws - eric on CM 11.09.05 CM The Fox

i love those little blue box's from tiffany's

49:00 drive - clean sober

56:00 Hello