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05.01.05 Douglas Wood Taken Hostage  Website   


Douglas returned home safely
05.12.05 4:06am email sent

From to the Woods Family

Wishing Douglas a safe return to the Bay Area -


 I have never contacted anyone in this type of manner so please pardon the abruptness since this situation is without precedence, there is a prerequisite that’s required depending on your knowledge and beliefs that I have not written that will help you to understand what it is that my research is.  Korrekt is currently researching the Douglas Wood case.  We have several hundred cases pending at this time that are “linked” by name, location, event & media, including film, print, television & news programming.  Each event sending specific messages regarding pending issues political, business & religious regarding a major shift in human understanding and belief, a silent revolution that is taking place world wide.  It’s an issue that is beyond current science, medical, judicial & military understanding or at least what “they’re” willing to tell the public.   There seems to be a connection to media events including the capture of Douglas Wood as well as the recent recruiting issues of the US military, possibly part of a larger issue such as international business affairs. Possibly just a sick joke that “Controller’s play with controlled people” .  As I do my research I have discovered it is common that events that happen in this world are connected to each other. Our current findings suggest that Douglas’s was specifically targeted for his name and possible location of his home, the Bay Area, home of   I know this may seem difficult to understand but, Douglas’s case seems to have a direct correlation to my research project, at this point few will take the time to discuss it.

Douglas’s capture is an unfortunate piece in the puzzle so to speak that Korrekt is trying to put together to explain control. His fate depends on a force that is in control of Douglas, the terrorist and the men who can find them and return Douglas home.  The “Controllers” play all sides.  I feel that in order to help correct this situation and have Douglas safely return home is for me to contact you.  The news reported that the terrorists have extended the time to meet their demands.  I can only offer information and understanding that I currently have. It would be best to have more time for me to prepare all of the information in the way I would like, since that is impossible for me to do with the amount of information that has to be processed and the time that the terrorist have allotted.  I live in Concord if you would like to contact me I can cover more info accurately, than I can by completing a few speculative web pages to show the Wood family with speculative connections based on the information that is available. Connections or what I call “links” are the only way too see a pattern of names and events that relate to a specific event all working synchronisticly for a period of time then changing course to create a another set of patterns of accidents and deaths, usually if it make the news it is not a random event, each persons fortune and misfortune has been predestined by controllers.   

I have been researching a mind control & body control fulltime collecting information, but have not had time to process and consolidate the data for review and display until recently It is an arduous task that I am trying to complete.  Douglas’s cases is recent, but has “strong links” to an upcoming research project which once again suggests that his capturers have had a remarkable amount of insight on whom to capture based on a American media  past and present which show’s a sinister and twisted  system of control at work. Events such as Douglas’s does fit into a pattern that Korrekt is aware of, how to explain that does take some time.  My webpage is under construction however prematurely it is in its stages a portion of it is available publicly with early work and some abstract info that is being assembled. How it will help I am not sure, maybe just contacting me would be the fastest way to possibly help Douglas in some manner. 

The more you know the about control the more it may help your situation sometimes it can make it worse. Miracles do happen especially when you know what’s going on it’s just a matter of getting the authorities to accept something that is not scientifically founded at this time. It is possible that the perpetrators are captured and Douglas returns to the Bay Area, but it could depend on the professional & public understanding of the most serious issue not known to most men, mind control.  I will do what I can to help. I think the shaving of Douglas’s head was symbolic of the Mind Crime flier on the website. Controllers know everybody’s move and can destine the out come of the situation in Douglas’s favor.  I am not sure what that will take, hopefully this email will have a positive influence I am enclosing some pictures of an area in Concord CA that were discovered today that may have no physical connection to the Douglas’s case, but may have connective information that synchronizes to Douglas situation which could possibly help locate Douglas.


The area where a Woods Construction is breaking ground is in Concord, CA  -  Mayette Ave / William Wy.

Visit map link look for any comparatives to you life names / past names to see if there is any cohesiveness


However trivial this may seem If its any help there was a bright candy apple green Chevy low rider (car) located near the construction site as well as another bright candy apple green car located across the street from the Concord Police station at the Bryant funeral home on Monument blvd. Probably not too many of those in Iraq, not too many in Concord either, but chartreuse may be a color to look for.  If you look at the map notice there is a street called Evergreen which is also a name for an Oakland Cemetery. That is where many of the Jim Jones cult members are buried which is known for cult mind control, a different level of mind control from what my research indicates, yet still has mind control links. Dr. Phil just had a show on 5.10.05 regarding cult mind control.  On that previous location there was a Moroccan restaurant as well as a business known as the Screw Shop which sold nuts bolts and screws and a liquor store. Meadow Ln. is not that far from the location. 

Links work like this sort of,  the news reported there was a District Attorney investigator that killed his family in Pine Meadow on 5.10.05 named David McGowan a Rose McGowan Started in the CBS TV special “ELVIS”  this evening and was on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Scottish) night before last night. The news reported someone brought a single rose to your doorstep the other day. I am not sure if there is a connection. It works sort of like that, a connectedness of media and new events regarding real lives symbolism and loose associations. It works that way with films also. Some where in the media matrix is Douglas’s situation and his fate.  The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Universe a movie just released recently may have a connection. The book was written by Douglas Adams if I am correct someone high up may not like the movies and is using your husband as a tool to suppress ticket sales or interest in the movie or negotiate something in Australia. Mc Donald Douglas Air Planes may have more info. Wood is such a broad term Evergreen Corp  may have something to do with this on a corporate level, the name may have something to do with a timber deal in Iraq possibly.  It’s possible to make millions of associations without knowing more info I am guessing. I hope this letter has not disturbed you I wish Douglas a safe return home.


Shawn Marcell Bosanszki 


Regarding additional links

“Daniel, though your glasses are now carved out of wood, I can see clearly into your eyes. They are looking at me. They speak to me. As your father said today when I spoke to him, admiring his courage for eloquently speaking to us today about a son, "Sure, I'll give you my autograph -- if it means moving one step closer to world peace."

I looked at him and he at me and Daniel smiled.”


Douglas mentioned in an email to his daughter his vision was

an issue he was receiving injections.

Sync links      Daniel Pearl Wood “Acacia” mentioned -  Zion “Zion Murders” Tobias Crystal Laura Hobbs killed Jerry Hobbs


My newly hired Chief of Security for N sync (entertainment/promotions)  - Daniel Loggings formerly in the Military was also killed in a boat accident on 5.10.97 so this may link to N sync my company (before the band N sync took the name), thankfully Douglas is reported to be alive.


Pictures listed below are from the location I mentioned earlier.  I am not expressing any symbolism with the portable. There is a construction barricade with the name “Woods Const” and a street sign which says Mayette Douglas capture was at the beginning of May. That is the symbolism that I am convening.


Construction site that may have links to Douglas Wood 

The following pictures (5.11.05) included in the original email sent to the Wood family on 5.12.05. Only one message was sent to a possible catch all box at the Wood family website, since their was no posted email address. Korrekt received confirmation that the message was received, but no read receipt was received from the Wood family, so were not sure if the message was read.

Pictures posted at 5.30.05







News story / events timeline
  5.01.05 Douglas Wood captured in Iraq KPIX

5.01.05 CBS Douglas Wood Captured "menace resurfaced"

  5.01.05 Tim Kaiser - Shawn Dunn - Shaun of The Dead Antenna Poster 5.02.03
  5.01.05 Margaret Hassan - 3 Suspects Captured
  5.02.05 Linda England pleads guilty in court
  5.02.05 Recruiting quotas secret tapes David McSwane Pickle "Poster"  - "Stuff"
  5.02.05 Cape Fear boat rescue Troy Driscoll Josh Long

(ref. Mary Alicia, Jineva Driscoll located 6.10.05)

  5.12.05 KGO - Nacht on Wood - I guess KGO is joking with their choice of persons they interview or is this controlled reality in a synchronized world - KGO news Interview with Berkley Professor Michael Nacht "Not a Winner" ? - Korrekt thinks different.
  5.15.05 38 men shot execution style in Bacuba ? - Condoleezza Rice makes surprise visit to Iraq (video)
  5.18.05 ABC news Demand for music video download crashes Ministry of Defence computer (video clip)

8.04.05 Space Shuttle RTS morning song (Amarillo)

  5.18.05 Douglas Wood says "I'm all right". Douglas told prime minister John Howard "I hope that it is correct...  there is nothing worse than false expectations." (video)

Confirmation of a messages sent by correct to Wood's family?

5.20.05 Sadam Pictures in underwear ? Down Under ?
    5.30.05 Douglas has apparently been moved by his capturers to avoid insurgent fighting in the area where where previously held captive.
    6.04.05 Muslim cleric has seen Douglas "eye to eye" the Muslims want to be heard sound like their working on a deal, sort of strange
Douglas Wood Freed 6.15.05
  6.15.05 Wood Freed after 47 Days
  Needs further review for interpretation. Since Douglas has been freed Korrekt will post clip from CBS's  Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson   - 6.15.05 (Shaun of the dead) AU = periodic symbol gold

60 Minutes  - out of context links

 - Shawn Marcell - Julie Renee' -  Barbra

Diploma Mills

- Hamilton & Hill -cop killers

Given -


  TV guide - Guide plus - CSI New York Scheduled programming Tri Boroughs in Brooklyn 10:00pm 6.15.05 rerun

CSI New York Scheduled programming Tri Boroughs in Brooklyn 6.15.05 rerun

  6.15.05 CSI N - Tri Borough Brooklyn
  8.10.05 Homewood Dr. Freed Way - Pittsburg Ca

Out Back Steak House Commercial during CSI NY 6.15.05

"Call A Head reservations" ?

ref. Shaun of The dead dinner reservations  - Wood needs food and a beer

  6.15.05 William Peterson rescued at sea (check date time) KPIX news story. Reference boat rescue Troy Driscoll & Josh Long. William & Mayette Street Sign.- Schooner
  6.15.05 Late Late Show Kaiser Chiefs Tim Kaiser 6.02.05- Shawn Dunn reference DL Kaiser Chiefs 3.30.05 & rerun 4.18.05 - 04.01.05 Kaiser Rain David Letterman Studio Leak

Explanation & summary of events to the best of our knowledge



Possible Historic Initiators


Movie/ Television  Links

    06.05.04 Simon Birch - Birch trees Douglas Wood's front yard Simon Cumbers
  Shaun of the Dead "I Got Wood"

05.30.05 CSI Miami  possible links key words hostage "Would" - "Kay" "Mud" needs review -

Boat hits concrete pier

  09.11.05 English Patient CBS
Personal Links
Wood Freed 6.15.05 -


    Mary Alicia Driscoll, 39, and her daughter Jineva were found Friday 6.10.05 - London Link - John
    Needs review Lynching in the news 6.14.05
    Be Cool
-keyword "elated"-  Douglas freed

The Cut 1st episode "elated"

Dean Schwartz ??? in the news 6.16.05 - 6.17.05 child molester 36K entries in book

CBS news 6.17.05 CBS 6 pm news Duke Stir (boat) MZM Iraq defense contractor



Downer says freed Wood a lucky man

Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer says Douglas Wood is "extraordinarily lucky" to have been freed from captivity in Iraq.

The Government has announced that Iraqi forces have freed 63-year-old Mr Wood, who had been held by insurgents for six weeks.

Mr Downer says Australians have not been directly involved in the unusual rescue, in which a number of people have been detained.

"Not many people that have been taken hostage have been released in this way," he said.

"Very, very few have been released through military action of this kind."

Mr Downer says Mr Wood is now in the care of the head of the Government's emergency response team, Nick Warner.

He says Mr Warner is pleased with Mr Wood's condition.

"He said that physically he seemed to be in quite good shape," Mr Downer said. "Mentally, obviously absolutely exhausted."

The Foreign Minister has personally notified Mr Wood's family of his release.

"I think to start with they were just slightly disbelieving because their hopes have been raised and dashed, as you can imagine, over and again over the last six weeks," Mr Downer said.

"I told them ... that we had the so-called 'proof of life' test that we'd applied."

The test verified Mr Wood's identity by asking him a question that required a personal answer.

Mr Downer says it is not known if Mr Wood will want to return to the US, where his wife lives, or to Australia.

"I would imagine he will need a fairly good rest and not be forced into making decisions early on," he said.


'Stalwart Australians'


Mr Downer has praised Mr Wood's family, describing them as "courageous, great stalwart Australians".

He has also praised the efforts of Sydney-based Sheikh Taj El-Din Al-Hilaly.

"He's made an enormous effort, the mufti, and I think real credit should be given to him for the efforts he made and the risks he took, including to his own security," Mr Downer said.

"That's one of the assets we have as a multicultural country that people all came together as team Australia and they brought their different strengths."

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says hearing of Mr Wood's is a joyous moment.

"I suspect in our heart of hearts, so many of us felt this is not a moment we might enjoy and celebrate," Mr Beazley said.

"I think many of us thought when this terrible saga began that it would not end as it has ended, with the rescue."

© 2005 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Copyright information:
Privacy information:























































The Passion Of The Christ

Keith Barry  Extraordinary Second   Sight   From   A "Mind Control Expert"


"It's not a cover up!"

90%  of  household  dust truth uncovered    >Lab<

A Beautiful Mind

If all  homes  have  mold so does your body  (CLX)  


The Constant Gardner (R)

Possible  connection  to  the cause  of  hurricane  Katrina


No   need    for   a    Zoe Implant.     You   already have   a  similar  &  more powerful  one.  See  The Final Cut Trailer  &  BJM

Homers Under Control !

Sounds    more     like    a cracking    sound       than paper shredding.  Is this a threat,    an    answer    or what's going on at offices around   the  world.   The WTC   had   an   invisible substance in the building that  made  the   structure fail.


Korrekt Television

Psycho Sounding   

A   means   of   obtaining information      from     an individual's mind  without his   will   and  awareness

We  are  all   victims  of a  large  scale  study similar to this  information stated on a Russian website.

About Control        >1  2<




These guys are talking about control.

(two interestin