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CC 304 Colors 10.16.05

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10.16.05 CC 304 Colors

02.12.06 CC 304 Colors

12.24.06 CC 304 Colors


Cold Case

Colors (episode #50)
Originally aired: Sunday October 16, 2005 on CBS
Writer: Sean Whitesell
Director: Paris Barclay

Show Stars: Kathryn Morris (Det. Lilly Rush), Thom Barry (Det. Will Jeffries), Jeremy Ratchford (Det. Nick Vera), John Finn (Lt. John Stillman), Danny Pino (Scotty Valens)

All Guest Stars: Sarah Brown (Josie Sutton) , Christina Hendricks (Esther Davis (1945)), Elinor Donahue (Esther Davis (2005)), Arlen Escarpeta (Clyde Taylor), David Ruprecht (Radio Broadcaster), Frank Faucette (Willie Dandridge (1945)), Beau Billingslea (Willie Dandridge (2005)), Kameron Winston-Lucas (Leonard Hughes), Don Wallace (Moody Brown (1945)), Antonio Todd (Jackie Robinson), Dennis Singletary (Satchel Paige), Hunter Allan (Troy Cage (1945)), Ron Dean (Troy Cage (2005)), Thomas Kopache (Crumbs (2005)), Mitchell Fink (Tyler (John) Cage), Eric Ladin (Crumbs (1945))

Det. Rush re-opens the 1945 case of a baseball player, bludgeoned to death with his own bat.







CTH 109 Baseball Murder 12.16.05

Home Base 3m

Club House


Box 33

Linking / Thinking 22min

DNA came back - pressure creeping up neck 48m




Rail Road Track - music sentimental journey at end

Scars - face

Walker  -

Bags - music - baseball base

Diamond - door - CSI - 10.13.05 Diamond projection

Esther - poss. link Madonna "Boy" -  IMDb A League of Their Own



Commercials During Episode

Paul McCartney - Fidelity "Smart Move" 8:26pm - reference CCT 9.28.05 - 10.12.05 Wine Warehouse Fire Mare Island




Black Porsche Union 76 Cowell Rd. 10.13.05 - 10.14.05 no picture

Orange Dodge Van

10.12.05 CSI NY Links Tiger tobacco stain

Phil Batlin ?

Play Ball Note

10.11.05 DL Madonna like pumpkin carved Rupert's Deli -   10.18.05 LLS Courtney Rupert's Deli 17min

10.14.05 DL Barry Sonnenfeld -  108 pounds

DL 10.21.05 - Madonna & Melissa Etheridge






07.25.05 - 7.31.05 Boy Scouts Electrocuted & Lightning - Renee

10.11.05 Summerwood Apartments Club House Fire

10.12.05 Wine Warehouse Fire Mare Island

10.12.05 Oakland Warehouse Fire Home Base

10.13.05 LLS Stephen Collins - Links CC 7.31.05 - Collin Clyde Tracks