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10.26.05 CSI N 205 Dancing With the Fishes Run Dates

10.26.05 CSI N 205 Dancing With the Fishes

01.11.06 CSI N 205 Dancing With the Fishes

08.30.06 CSI N 205 Dancing With the Fishes

CSI New York

Dancing with the Fishes
Episode Number: 29

Season Num: 2

First Aired: Wednesday October 26, 2005

Prod Code: 205

Director: John Peters

Star: Hill Harper (Dr. Sheldon Hawkes), Gary Sinise (Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor), Anna Belknap (Lindsay Monroe), Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer), Eddie Cahill (Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.), Melina Kanakaredes (Detective Stella Bonasera)

Recurring Role: Robert Joy (Dr. Sid Hammerback)

Guest Star: Julia Rose (Laura Bayliss), Maxine Bahns (Anna), Rhys Coiro (Razor), Kevin Fry-Bowers (McShea), Chastity Dotson (Tera Grace), Chris Ellis (Vincent Williams), Barbara Tarbuck (Vivian Claven), Nick Paonessa (Richard Daly), Austin Highsmith (Rebecca Zernecky), James Tupper (Paul Zernecky), Michael Petrone (Fred Bayliss), Mekia Cox (Kia Rowe), Sarah M. Scott (Shayna), Ron Lester (Officer Murphy)

Mac, Stella and Flack investigate the death of a young dancer who recently won the lottery, and it isn't long before they realise that her death is connected to Lindsay's investigation concerning the death of a tram driver. Danny and Hawkes look into the murder of a local fish merchant, and soon find their way to a jealous friend who was angry that their child didn't get into a prestigious school.


Sword fish marlin

glass in  shoes -

Puma dance shoes thin sole - KIA locker Flower masking tape

buck knife Shayna's locker

Lotto 1 16 23 28 39 50  - 17 million


25m venison


08.30.06 CSI N 205 Dancing With the Fishes - Hurricane 08.29.06 John



Moto psychos




Murphy, Fred, Jake, Mrs. Claven,




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07.14.05 marlin sword fish Steven Schultz - Allison Schultz