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CSI L 607 A Bullet Runs Through It pt1 11.10.05

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11.10.05 CSI L 607 A Bullet Runs Through It pt1

05.07.06 CSI L 607 A Bullet Runs Through It pt1

03.13.07 CSI L 607 A Bullet Runs Through It pt1

A Bullet Runs Through It (Part 1)
Episode Number: 124

Season Num: 6

First Aired: Thursday November 10, 2005

Prod Code: 607
Writer: Richard Catalani, Carol Mendelsohn
Director: Danny Cannon

Cast and Crew

Star: William Petersen (Gil Grissom), Robert David Hall (Dr. Al Robbins (episode 47+, recurring previously)), Paul Guilfoyle (Captain Jim Brass), Marg Helgenberger (Catherine Willows), Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle (episode 2+)), George Eads (Nick Stokes), Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown), Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders (episode 47+, recurring previously))

Recurring Role: Alex Carter (Detective Vartann), Conor O'Farrell (UnderSheriff McKeen), David Berman (David Phillips), Gerald McCullouch (Bobby Dawson), Wallace Langham (David Hodges), Ty Upshaw (Officer #1), Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell), Louise Lombard (Sofia Curtis)

Guest Star: Edwin Villa (Jose "Lucky" Fausto), Nestor Serrano (Detective Ortega), Jose Zuniga (Detective Cavaliere), Brennan Elliott (Sergeant Carroll), Colby French (Officer Davis), Steve Ryan (Sergeant Adams), Daniel Bess (Officer Bell), Scott DeFoe (SWAT Commander), Lamont Thompson (SWAT Officer), Mitchell Fink (Paramedic Fink), Noe Gonzalez (Neighbor #2), Jose Rosario (Tomas Castillo), Cynthia DeCure (Rosa Cerna), A Martinez (Danilo), Brenda Canela (Mrs. Torres), Ashlyn Sanchez (April Torres), Barry Sigismondi (Officer #2), Seth Michaels (Stuckey's Brother), Sophia Santi (Stuckey's Mother), Laurie Fortier (Nancy), Tonyo Melendez (Man), Bre Blair (Tracy), Diana Carreno (Hooker), Tom Warden (Himself), Josh Sinisterra (Geraldo), Daniel Arrias (Leandro "Leggy" Chavez), Greg Anthony (Ricardo "Roofie" Estevez), Jesse Warren (Unknown), Marco Morales (Salvador "Stuckey" Romero)


The team must investigate the death of a police officer who died during a shootout leaving hundreds of bullets on the crime scene. The case becomes complicated when it turns out that Sofia Curtis and Jim Brass were with the victim during the shootout.

When it turns out the officer died from friendly fire, it is up to the team to find out who fired the fatal shot. Meanwhile, Sofia is wondering whether she fired the fatal shot or not. She decides to hide the fact that the officer stepped into her line of fire, afraid it will ruin her career.

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