These guys are talking about control.

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Tony Danza Show ABC






Historic Clips - pending - Cristal Champagne & Doritos -


1.11.05 Carrie Fisher When the TV's about You

1.12.05 Tony Danza Monologue Conspiracy

8.10.05 Judith Light - Making Pizza




9.23.05 Larry & Shawn King "In my Own Back Yard"

9.23.05 Larry and Shawn King Airlines lie - Cell phone use on planes

- possible link to 9.21.05 Jet blue

9.23.05 Larry and Shawn King

"A"  - Larry King

"A" - Shawn King

Links Threshold -Shawn King Cavanaugh

"A" - Font Plearn Thai Food Logo

Steamer - Scunci

Kavanagh's Liquor Lotto

Shawn King "In my Own Backyard" - SOTD umbrella base 10.24.05 CSI M Under Suspicion

Thai Food with Susannah Locketti 

Links Body Language Heather Locklear - Bonjovi

Tony Danza Show 9.23.05 posted on 10.05.05 -  two days later 10.07.05 Tony Danza broke his pinky - see below


10.07.05 Tony Danza Injures his finger Guest Bill Weir from Good Morning America - possible imitator (right)  9.29.05 - Good Morning America - Autism "Its like someone controlling you"


10.12.05 Wine Warehouse Fire Mare Island

10.12.05 Oakland Warehouse Fire Home Base


10.11.05 Billy Baldwin
10.11.05 Tony Danza Show  - "Wine Making" grape squash contest
10.11.05 Fantasia
10.12.05 - pending
  Jack Klugmen  (Odd Couple Felix Unger - Tony Randall & Oscar)  - Felix Polk Case -
Dodgers Baseball - The cruse of the Luduca
A couple of bad things happened over the weekend --

News link Bill King Died Hip Surgery 10.18.05

Doctor Gadget Braun coffee maker Shawn Kathleen Dubin
Tony pulling up his sockets
Survivor contestant the "Golden boy" - Ideas

12.28.05 Shawn King